DIY Christmas Pillow

I loved making this DIY Christmas pillow. With a glue gun in hand and lots of pom poms, I made the entire pillow in about ninety minutes!

I get compliments on this DIY Christmas pillow all of the time. I kind of giggle to myself knowing how easy it was to make.

DIY Christmas Pillow

Pom poms are such a fun crafting item and I loved making this DIY pillow. I saw a similar one a few years ago at either Anthropologie or Pottery Barn and I have known ever since I wanted to make one. I tried it and I absolutely love the end result. I put together a complete DIY in this blog post.

But here is the best part. This pillow works in January too because the snowflake theme is perfect for the winter months

DIY Christmas Pillow

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Watch My DIY Tutorial


I loved making this snowflake pillow and I shared an even easier version of it today on a live tutorial.

What You Need to Make a Snowflake Pom Pom Christmas Pillow

Pillow cover (the one I used is 20″ x 20″.)

 (I like these 1″ pom poms, or these or these.

Glue gun and glue sticks

supply list for pillow DIY

How to Make the Snowflake DIY Pillow

Find a photo of a snowflake you want to use. If you want to make a pillow like mine, then just use the same size pillow cover and the instructions below.

Measure and mark the center point of your pillow as seen in the photo below. With a pencil, lightly draw a center vertical line 12″ long (intersecting the center at 6″). Draw a center horizontal line 16″ long (intersecting at 8″ in the center). Add two more lines in between the vertical and horizontal lines alternating the length between 12″ and 16″.

how to make a pom pom pillow

The Experimental Phase

My next step was the “experimental phase” as I had no idea exactly how the design was going to work nor did I know how many pom poms I needed. I laid out all of the pom-poms (without using glue) first to figure it out. You might want to do the same before you start gluing.

For the 12″ line, I placed one pom-pom in the center and then added 7 pom poms on each side of the center one. Repeat the same for all of the 12″ (shorter) lines.

pillow step 2

For the 16″ long line I added  9 pom poms on each side of the center pom-pom. Repeat the same for all of the 16″ (longer) lines.

pom pom pillow DIY

Continue filling in the pom-poms along the drawn lines.

pom pom pillow how to
how to make a pom pom pillow

Next, add the accent pom poms on each line as seen below. 

pom pom pillow how to make

It looks like these pom poms are going to work!

lay out of pom poms

Gluing The Pom Poms to the Pillow Cover

Now that you know your design, and you are sure you have enough pom-poms, remove them from your pillow. Glue the center pom-pom to the pillow. Then glue all of the 12″ lines by adding seven pom poms on each side of the center pom-pom.

pillow diy

Gluing the pom poms should be an easy task as long as you place the glue on the pillow cover and just place the pom-poms on top.

how to glue pom poms on pillow

Once you are done gluing the pom poms on the 12″ lines, glue the accent pom-poms as seen in the photo below. 

pom pom diy

Next, glue the pom poms on the 16″ sides by adding 9 pom-poms on each side of the center pom-pom.

pom poms glued on pillow

Doesn’t this look fabulous! I absolutely love how it came out.

DIY Christmas Pillow

I also think this would make a great gift. And once you have made the first one, the rest are really easy!

DIY Christmas Pillow

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Are you ready to make this super fun pillow? Below are links to everything you need to make this amazing snowflake pillow to keep or to give as a gift!

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How to Make an Easy Snowflake Pillow

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  1. I was looking back at these, since I’m interested in making a couple for gift pillows! I would also love to know your source for those “Poms” … they seem more “appealing” than what I’ve found through the years! They look thicker … and heavier … than most! Thanks for the info, Leslie! Love all the great projects you share so generously ~ and seeing your many other talents as well … !

  2. The pom poms linked for the video aren’t sold as yardage ~ and they seem to be of different material. (The yardage looks to have poms made of cotton thread.) Would you let us know where you found yardage, please? Thanks so much!

  3. Leslie, I am waiting for my supplies to arrive for the pillow. Don’t remember you ever stating what to fill the pillow with?
    This would be my first pillow ever.
    Thanks so much,
    Mary Ann

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