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Milk Paint Does It Again – A DIY Project

I love using milk paint to update vintage furniture. One of my favorite projects was redoing this amazing Armoire. Today I am excited to share my latest DIY milk paint project.

armoire painted with milk paint

It’s a new month and I have a new theme.

The theme for March is Remodel and Renovate and I am starting out the month with a cabinet I redid with milk paint! I love using milk paint to paint vintage furniture. You paint it on and it flakes off and looks so original! Every time I use milk paint, I absolutely love the end result.

Check out how I made this vintage coffee table and this old wooden chest. I painted this armoire as well. There are a lot of different ways you can use Old Barn Milk Paint, which you can see on the Old Barn Milk Paint site. I like my projects to look old, vintage, and chippy. I use the “throw the paint on, scrape it and love it” approach. 

finished milk paint cabinet

This project is one of my favorites.Let me tell you what I like so much about this particular project. The cabinet was so ugly in the “before” stage that I think it could have been neglected for a very long time. First off, how about that wallpaper? I remember when I first saw this cabinet at @vintagejunktionla I walked right on past it. I mean, seriously? The good news is that since it was so ugly, the price was amazing.

milk paint cabinet

And a bonus feature was that the wallpaper was also on the sides of the cabinet. Just kidding …

ugly armoire

So I bought the cabinet for the remodel I was doing for some friends. They needed a tall cabinet and this was perfect. Well, of course except for the fact that it was so ugly. In fact, the text I sent to my client with the “before photo” has a caption that reads, “Use your imagination and trust me. I can make this look good”.

My first task was to remove the wallpaper. I had expected the worst-case scenario but spent some time @homedepot and bought what ended up being a great find. 

how to remove wallpaper

I followed the directions and sprayed the wallpaper thoroughly, let it soak for five minutes, and scraped off the wallpaper. It came off immediately and was the easiest project in the world. The entire wallpaper removal took about thirty minutes.

how to paint a wood cabinet

Next, I mixed up the Old Barn Milk Paint. I did two projects at the same time. For this cabinet, I actually used Sweet Cream paint.

old barn milk paint 2

I used one entire bag of paint and part of a second package. That’s because the cabinet took three coats! I was so surprised but the wood just soaked up the paint! (Every other project I have done only took two coats.)

painted cabinet  

Once the third coat was completely dry, I used the OBMP scraping tool and started scraping off the paint in places where natural aging would take place. This included areas such as near the knobs, edges, and corners. You can head to my Instagram Stories to see exactly how I did this. But you can see below, it came out great!

how to paint a wood cabinet with milk paint

I absolutely love the cabinet and can’t believe how much better it looks than when I originally found it.

finished milk paint cabinet

Do you have a project that is ready for milk paint? I have quite a few lined up in our Carriage House and I cannot wait.

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  1. I love it! What does the inside look like? I am doing a similar cabinet and can’t decide what to do with the inside.

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I'm Leslie,
Welcome to My 100 Year Old Home

I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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