Styling the Kitchen for the Winter Season

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I never expected that putting all of my Christmas decor away would be so much fun. Tackling the kitchen wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, I really enjoyed styling our kitchen for the winter season.


Before I got home from France, my husband took all of the dead, fresh greenery out of the house. So the five fresh wreaths in the kitchen were gone. And yes, they were dry and very ready for the recycle bin. So all I had to do was remove all of the Christmas decor including the Rea Dunn canisters and mugs.


At this point, the kitchen looked great. I almost didn’t even need to add more decor! But I knew I wanted to add back something to cheer up the kitchen. So I went looking throughout my house and grabbed a lot of white flowers, some silver pieces, and some vases.


The first thing I did was put some faux gerber daisies in a vintage vase. I liked how they looked on the island.


Next, I brought back my Rae Dunn planters with faux lavender. I love how they offset the Rae Dunn canisters on the other side of the sink.


The windows looked a little plain so I decided to add another layer of flowers. I grabbed three tall bud vases and added some faux tulips. I love the height they add to this area. (And I will replace the faux tulips with real ones as soon as I find them!)


I then added three silver pitchers to the tray on the island. I think the vase needed something else on the tray. These vases were in a cupboard. They have never been on display in our house before.


I wanted even more flowers in the kitchen so I added some of my white amaryllis from Ikea. I just added them and some eucalyptus and greenery to the POUR Rae Dunn vase.


At this point, the area felt done but something was really bothering me. I think the gerber daisies looked too fake and just out of place. So I replaced them with more amaryllis.


The last step was adding some fresh fruit and vegetables to the wooden bowl. Now it is complete.

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  1. Looks fantastic as usual, Leslie. That decorating set up and tear down is quite the job! I recover for a day or two after it is finished:)

  2. The simplest touches look the most elegant. In this beautiful kitchen you are always so on-point. I enjoy your decorating style and couldn’t replicate it if I wanted. You’re one of the best Ms. Leslie🌸

  3. Love your style. I have a farmhouse style. You give me so much inspiration.

    Thank you

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