Easy Fall or Thanksgiving Wreath DIY


Are you looking for a Fall or Thanksgiving wreath that is easy on the eyes and on your wallet? Look no further. This is so easy!

Fall is a busy time and as we near the holidays, even busier. This fall or eventually Thanksgiving wreath is the perfect easy and inexpensive way to create a quick decor item for your front door! Are you ready to see how easy this is?

Easy Fall Thanksgiving Wreath
You Made that?

Make Your Own Wreath

Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

I always have a hard time finding a wreath for our front door. First off, our door is huge. And most of the very large wreaths are just too small. Plus, they are expensive!

Easy Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

So I am sure it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I decided to make my own. I have a very easy method for my wreaths. I start with a somewhat plain wreath and just add some additional florals to the wreath. Often I just stick them into the wreath. For this one, I used some floral wire to attach the fall florals.

The best part is that the wreath is now so much larger.

This DIY fall or Thanksgiving wreath will have all of your guests asking “Where did this come from?” All it takes is a simple green wreath, a few pieces of foliage, and a few other supplies. Follow the instructions below to create one for yourself or to give it as a gift.

Here are some other wreaths (and the DIY instructions) I have made for our front door. Just click on the title for more information.

Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath

Doesn’t this look amazing on our front door? It is bright and colorful and looks exactly how I wanted it to look. I kind of went with an apple theme and used fall florals that I had lying around the house.

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Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

Materials You Need to Make a Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

One real or faux green wreath – I used this 20″ Eucalyptus wreath. It wasn’t expensive and worked just fine.

Assorted fall florals – You can use any type you want! I used three fruit branches, four fall eucalyptus branches, and one small bunch of apples.

Green floral wire

Wire cutters

Ribbon for hanging (see below)

How to Make the Wreath

  • one – This is the wreath I used for my base.
  • two – Here are the three fruit branches I used.
  • three – These four fall Eucalyptus faux florals were perfect.
  • four – I had three larger apples on small branches that I used as an accent for my wreath.
  • five – Lay the wreath flat on a working surface.
  • six – If you don’t want to cut the long stems on the apples, bend the longer stems of the wreath in a circular motion. Gently slide the stems and place the three fruit stems equidistant along the wreath.
  • seven – Gently flip the wreath and secure the stems of the fruit branches with green floral wire.
  • eight – Turn the wreath back over to the front and place the four eucalyptus branches evenly around the outside.
  • nine – Flip the wreath to the back and secure the floral stems to the wreath.
  • ten – Flip the wreath one last time to the front and add the apples. Secure with wire.

This is how the wreath looked before I shaped the flowers. It took about thirty minutes to make this wreath and I just love the colors.

Easy Fall Thanksgiving Wreath.

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How to Hang Your Wreath on Your Front Door (with no holes!)

Easy Fall Thanksgiving Wreath.

The trick to hanging a wreath is attaching it to the door without having to put nail holes in your front door.

I use a ribbon to hang my wreath and then I attach the ribbon directly on top of the door with two thumbtacks. If you push (or hammer) them in far enough they won’t hinder closing the door. You will end up with a seamless and great-looking finished look!

My Favorite Ribbons

I hope you love fall as much as I do – the leaves are falling off the trees, football is on TV all day long, and pumpkin spice lattes are back. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and it is time to decorate with festive wreaths.

This wreath was actually pretty easy to make, so you should give this DIY a try.

Let me know how yours turns out by posting your pictures on social media using #my100yearoldhome!

Thanksgiving Wreath for Fall

My Favorite Fall Wreath Must Haves


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A fall wreath made from fall faux branches hanging on a black door.

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  1. As always, this is beautiful!!! And so easy. I’ll save this one for next fall for sure. Can you also create a Christmas/Holiday wreath done in a similar fashion so I can begin collecting some of the stems etc for it? I’m always late to the party unfortunately, this will sure help!!

  2. So gorgeous!!!!! All the stems came together so beautifully… Thank you for the inspiration. Can’t wait to try it myself!!

  3. Did you use the orange or the apple fruit branches? It’s hard to tell with all those beautiful colors? Going to order and make!

  4. Love your wreath! Will be trying to accomplish my own. I also love your planters! Did you make he wicker topiary too? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rebecca – Please send me a photo of your finished wreath! If your post it on Instagram and tag me, I will share it also! The planters and topiary are from a number of years ago. I got them from Balsam Hill. Sadly, I don’t think they sell them anymore.

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