Easy Craft Room Organization

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My craft room was well used over the holidays and I really needed some easy craft room organization. I can’t wait to share it with you today!

Craft Room Organization After

My craft room was in overdrive in November and December. You may not remember but I did a lot of crafts! If you add to that the crafts I have already done this year, then you end up with a lot of craft supplies in one room. With no place to go. Haha.

I am so happy my friend KariAnne and I decided to organize our office/craft rooms this week. My craft room needed organizing and I am even sharing BEFORE photos to share how badly it needed it.

This entire week my friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and I are sharing organizing tips. You will want to check out her post today about 12 Simple Office Organizing Tips.

I wanted to make sure you saw our previous butler’s pantry and kitchen organizing posts.

How to Organize the Craft Room

Craft Room Organization

Before I get started, if you want to learn more about our craft room, and see the amazing transformation check out these blog posts.

Clear Out the Craft Supplies

There was a lot of Christmas decor that I had to take out of the craft room first. All of the decor and the extra Christmas craft supplies were sent up to the third floor to my craft storage room.

Craft Room Organization

You might remember that I have a storage area up on the third floor for my craft supplies. I usually refer to it as my own “JoAnn store”. Basically, it is a lot of craft supplies. Like a lot of supplies.

Craft Room Storage

I am going to share the BEFORE photos of my craft room. But I have to tell you one thing first. These are the AFTER BEFORE photos. This room was way worse but I cleaned it a few weeks ago.

These still look pretty bad.

Update your Organization

Over time our needs for organization change. Let me explain what I mean.

This cabinet is a amazing and I love that all of the drawers for storage of my craft supplies. Some of the drawers are blank and some of them have the wrong items inside.

Craft Room Organization Storage

Look at these two drawers. On the left the paper drawer holds post it notes. I use these everyday for my big blogging calendar. On the right, my photos drawer now holds buttons.

You should always make sure your storage is updated as your needs change.

It was easy to make new labels for the drawers. A few rubber stamps and I am done!

Craft Room Organization Updating Storage Drawers

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Organize the Shelves

Organizing the shelves was fun. Out with the red and green and in with the pink!

Craft Room Organization Shelves

I love making slight changes in my room decor that go with my overall theme for our home. By adding a few pink items and some valentine’s crafts, it feels ready for lots of Valentine’s craft projects.

Craft Room Organization for Winter

Keep Your Craft Projects Organized

Speaking of Valentine’s craft projects, I have plastic bins that I use to keep my current and upcoming projects organized.

The bin on the left is for some trees and the one on the right is for some pillows. These bins are always on the craft table in my room.

I am so happy how my craft room looks now. I love it.

Just so you know, I do this almost every season. My craft room needs it.

Craft Room Organization After Photos

Don’t forget to head on over to KariAnnne’s blog post Storage Tips for the Butler’s Pantry.

Look at her wonderful photo.

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  1. Oh my word, Leslie – no need to apologize! Heavens, you wouldn’t even believe my craft area if I were to ever dare to show you. It’s bonkers.

    You have the best craft area in the world. It has natural lighting and is beautiful and has tons of storage and room – and you have another craft room to house your excess????? Lady, you are living the dream. I am serious.

    Don’t even get me started on your butler’s pantry. ♥♥♥ Hearts were flying around my head!

    Great job on getting it so incredibly organized. I am really enjoying it. I am trying to feel the inspiration – now if I could just get the energy to go with my mood I’d be set, haha.

    1. Wow Michele, thank you so much, both for reaching out and also for all of the kind comments. It was inspiring to get each of the rooms organized, especially after the holidays, having the kids home and my November/December craft bonanza! Thank you for following along, I very much appreciate it and more to come!

  2. Welllll, everything that Michele M. said above!!!! I love to organize and I would have been in heaven if I had been there helping you, but by the looks of your gorgeous rooms, you’d probably be hauling me out of there with a hand truck!!!! I love my own home, but yours is really exceptional.

    1. Thank you Eileen, it was a lot of work, but I am so happy it is done! I am very blessed to live in this amazing home!

  3. Your craft room is so nice! I especially love the bookcases. They are so beautiful to decorate. The pink touches you added are just perfect!
    I miss having bookcases in our current home, but this spring I plan to find someone to build a pair for our family room. I’ll never forget the time I was in our local used bookstore and when asked what kind of books I was looking for, my husband answered, she’s looking for red books! Lol I love to sprinkle colored book jackets with whatever colors my room is.
    Thank you for sharing your organizational journey with us. I’m not quite ready to tackle the mess in our master bedroom yet, but I’m getting there and all your posts are helping!

    1. Oh my gosh Pam, thank you so much! I, too, shop for books by color! I am so happy that you are enjoying the organization posts! Thank you for reaching out!

  4. Beautiful room! I love the wood work and of course how beautifully organized it is. I was wondering if you would care to tell me where you got your rug? Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!

    1. Thank you so much Bernice for reaching out with your kind comment. I am so happy that you enjoy what I share. Thank you for following along!

  5. Holy moly! Why did it never occur to me to have a storage area for my craft room? I have been saying “Shopping my store” forever, but now (light bulb moment) it makes sense! Thank you! I can’t wait to get started! It will an undertaking, but I have the perfect attic room – it belonged to the maid (I am the maid in the 21st century) in my 1892 home. Let the culling begin!

    1. Oh Gabriella, I am so happyfor you! The attic space sounds like it will be perfect for craft storage! Thank you for reaching out to me and commenting on my post. Have a great weekend!

  6. Leslie, I loved your craft room! Would you mind sharing what color paint you used on the walls. Especially loved your pink and white baskets. They add a pop of color. Thanks!

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