MAKE IT YOURSELF // Aging Terra Cotta Pots

aging terra cotta pots

I love these hanging shelves I put up on our back porch. I decided the hanging shelves would look great with some small pots and plants. I found these terra cotta pots at Home Depot for $1.29 but knew they needed some TLC. I am not a fan of the bright orange color (as seen above on the left). I have also never “aged” terracotta pots before but knew I wanted them to actually  “look old”, not look like they were “painted to look old”. So today I am going to share how to age terra cotta pots.

How to Age Terra Cotta Pots

I did some research online and found a process featured on “This Old House” that I really liked. Plus it was really easy.

What You’ll Need

One bag of Garden Lime

Terra Cotta pots

Sponge Brushes

Paint stirrers

Fine sandpaper, gloves, old plastic bowl

Matte Clear spray

Step By Step

how to make terra cotta pots look old

STEP  #1 

Mix two cups of garden lime with 1 1/2 cups water.  Stir thoroughly (and continue stirring throughout the entire time).

how to age terra cotta pots

STEP  #2

Cover pots with a thick coat of the lime. Add a second coat if necessary.

DIY aging terra cotta pots

STEP  #3

Let dry. Sand lightly with sandpaper to create aging spots.

STEP  #4

Spray lightly with clear matte sealer (inside and outside of pots.) Can you believe how easy it is to age terra cotta pots?

steps to age terra cotta pots

STEP  #5

When completely dry add plants.

aged terra cotta pots

make it yourself vintage terra cotta pots

Update: It’s been a few years since I aged these terra cotta pots and they all still look exactly the same! I think it’s great that they have lasted so long and stayed “old”. Even the ones I left outside still have an older appearance. I think it just might be time to try this again with some larger pots! I hope you will try this.


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6 thoughts on “MAKE IT YOURSELF // Aging Terra Cotta Pots

  1. Love this! I actually just turned a pot I got (the plant die haha I do not have a green thumb) into a rae Dunn inspired pot with a little chalk paint and vinyl! This idea would be fun too! Thanks for sharing!

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