Modern Coastal Vintage Style – A New Trend


Today I am excited to share a new term in interior design. It’s the style of our beach house and it is called Modern Coastal Vintage Style.

In the world of interior design, blending different styles and creating unique combinations is a constant source of innovation. The newest blend is what I refer to as Modern Coastal Vintage Style, a fresh and captivating decor approach that effortlessly combines the timeless charm of modern and vintage elements with the laid-back appeal of coastal aesthetics.

New beach house remodel living are and kitchen. White couch with pillow with white kitchen with white tile, quartz island, appliances, wood table and white cabinets.
The Beach House

Modern Coastal Vintage Design – A New Trend

The living area at our beach house with a large fireplace, a frame tv, a window overlooking the ocean, and a couch, rug, coffee table and chair from Pottery Barn. The vintage cabinet, marble bust, and round rattan mirror are at the top of the staircase.

Modern Coastal Vintage Style is what I named the style in our beach house.

Of course, I made up the name.

It’s a little bit like the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic with a modern-vintage twist.

(I actually thought about calling it Modern Coastal Vintage Grandmother Style and then I realized I didn’t want to be known as a vintage grandmother. Hehe.)

The design style of our beach house is a haven of modern coastal relaxation with a touch of nostalgic elegance. It’s a mixture of key features, color palettes, furniture choices, and decorative elements that effortlessly combine to make a relaxing modern and vintage style.

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The Essence of Modern Coastal Vintage Style

Modern Coastal Vintage style captures the essence of coastal living, characterized by breezy, relaxed vibes and a connection to the sea.

It seamlessly integrates vintage elements, infusing spaces with a sense of history and character. Emphasizing light and openness, this style creates a serene and inviting atmosphere while embracing a curated mix of old and new.

And it’s exactly what I wanted for our beach house.

Coastal Color Palette with a Vintage Twist

Ventura Beach

The color palette in the Modern Coastal Vintage style draws inspiration from the coastal landscape. Soft hues of blues, greens, whites, and sandy neutrals form the foundation, evoking the calming presence of the ocean.

Accents of weathered wood, warm earth tones, and touches of brass or copper introduce a vintage flair. Accents of playful pops of color, such as coral, turquoise, or seafoam green, add vibrancy and capture the lively spirit of coastal life.

Modern Coastal Vintage works with any combination of these colors. It can be as neutral or as bright as you want. Because it’s up to you.

Mixing Vintage and Modern Furniture

white beach house kitchen with island, countertops, white cabinets, and new lighting.

To achieve the perfect balance of Modern Coastal Vintage style, I merged vintage and modern furniture pieces. I will be honest though, at first I was nervous if it would work.

While we were remodeling the beach house I struggled with the overall design aesthetic. I knew I wanted a more modern and simple look but I couldn’t imagine not including my love of vintage pieces.

At first, I thought maybe I should go with Modern Farmhouse style. I even wrote a blog post about it.

But there was something not completely right about it. I knew it was the black that seemed to be in every Modern Farmhouse Style room I found!

A cane media cabinet with decor and a modern gold lamp and a view of the ocean.

I started collecting furniture pieces while we were remodeling the beach house and everything fell into a neutral color palette of taupe and white. Over time, I bought a lot of furniture at the Pottery Barn Outlet and worked with some amazing brands to style the bedrooms.

But I knew there was something missing. I had to mix in my love for vintage pieces.

The Trip to Round Top

Our vintage style Airbnb in Waco, Texas.

I love shopping for antique finds at the Round Top Antiques show in Texas. In fact, I furnished our Waco Airbnb with some amazing items I found at Round Top.

I already had a trip scheduled to head back to Round Top this past spring with some of my favorite girlfriends. But I wasn’t sure if I needed anything. How was I going to add vintage to the beach house with all of the white and taupe furniture I had already purchased?

But I decided to go, even if I didn’t buy anything. The trip was going to be too much fun to miss!

I did come prepared so that if I found anything I would know where to put it. I measured and took photos, and planned out what I needed for the beach house. Just in case.

Within no time, I started finding the right pieces for the beach house!

So what’s the secret to mixing modern and vintage items?

Look for vintage-inspired statement pieces like a distressed wooden console table, a retro armchair, or a reclaimed wood coffee table. Pair them with sleek and contemporary furnishings, such as a streamlined sofa or minimalist dining chairs.

I think my best purchase was the marble bust of a woman wearing a swimsuit. It is my favorite item in our entire beach house! I also bought three cabinets that work perfectly in both entryways and in the office.

This blending of styles creates an eclectic and visually engaging space that showcases the best of both worlds. Although each cabinet is vintage they each have a different style that works perfectly with the modern coastal vintage style.

Adding Coastal Accents and Natural Materials

Large round artwork made from vines hanging on the wall.
Mixing Vintage and New at the Beach House

A lot of the items I bought at Round Top are perfect coastal accents. The twisting Liana vine on the wall looks like driftwood and the accessories throughout the house tie it all togther.

A large modern twisting Liana vine that measures about 4' wide

Incorporating coastal accents and natural materials is the perfect way to enhance the Modern Coastal Vintage vibe.

vintage items and a mirror in the entry way.

Woven rattan or wicker furniture adds texture and a touch of beachy charm. Seashells, driftwood, or coral make for beautiful decorative elements that evoke the coastal atmosphere.

I bought this tall apothecary jar filled with shells at Round Top. It is perfect in our entryway.

You can also display vintage nautical maps, antique ship models, or framed seashell collections on walls to highlight the vintage aspect of the style. Soft, billowy curtains in linen or sheer fabrics allow natural light to filter in, creating a breezy and ethereal feel.

Vintage-Inspired Lighting Fixtures

Wood kitchen table and chairs in a white kitchen with white cabinets and appliances

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambiance of any space. In Modern Coastal Vintage style, opt for vintage-inspired lighting fixtures that exude character and nostalgia.

I hung two vintage chandeliers I bought last summer on our vintage shopping trip to Provence. Here is one of them above our table.

You can add pendant lights with vintage-style Edison bulbs, chandeliers with distressed finishes, or table lamps with weathered bases. These lighting choices add warmth and charm, casting a soft and inviting glow throughout the room.

The two lights above the kitchen island are more modern.

A lot of the lighting in the beach house is from Lamps Plus. Tap on any of the links to see more.

Embracing Textures and Patterns

To add depth and visual interest to your Modern Coastal Vintage space, embrace a variety of textures and patterns. Layer woven or knit throws over sofas or armchairs to invite cozy comfort. Incorporate patterned pillows with nautical motifs or vintage floral prints.

A flooring remodel used the existing hardwood floors and new engineered hardwood.

Coastal-inspired rugs with a distressed or faded look can anchor the space while providing a soft underfoot feel. Mix and match textures like weathered wood, seagrass, or jute to create a tactile experience that complements the overall aesthetic.

Creating a Coastal Gallery Wall

Something I haven’t done yet but certainly intend to do this summer, is create a gallery wall to showcase vintage coastal artwork and create a focal point in your space. I would love to display vintage coastal maps alongside framed seashells, antique photographs of beach scenes, or vintage travel posters. Of course, I will include photos of our family enjoying the beach.

Mixing and matching different frame styles and sizes could add an eclectic touch.

The coastal gallery wall becomes a captivating visual narrative that tells stories of the sea and adds a personal touch to your Modern Coastal Vintage decor.

Incorporating Sustainable and Upcycled Elements

Old vintage decor books and a vintage marble container filled with old glass from a windshield factory next to a new gold lamp.

You can embrace the eco-conscious aspect of the Modern Coastal Vintage style by incorporating sustainable and upcycled elements. Look for furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood or repurposed materials.

A vintage marble container filled with old glass from a windshield factory next to a new gold lamp.

The glass pieces in the marble bowl (purchased in Round Top for $1 each) are from a windshield factory. Apparently, the floor in the factory had about two feet of windshield glass that were removed in large chunks when the factory closed down. I love the way they catch the light and add a coastal feel to our living area.

Exploring thrift stores or flea markets for vintage finds that can be given new life with a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering. Use natural fibers and organic textiles for curtains, cushions, and bedding. By opting for sustainable choices, you not only contribute to a greener environment but also enhance the authenticity and character of your space.

Achieving Balance and Simplicity

The primary bedroom in our beach house with five windows and an ocean view.

While the Modern Coastal Vintage style embraces a blend of elements, it’s important to maintain balance and simplicity to avoid overwhelming the space. Focus on a few statement pieces and allow them to shine. Keep the color palette cohesive and harmonious, using accents strategically to create focal points.

Opt for clean lines and uncluttered spaces, allowing the eye to rest and appreciate the unique blend of styles. By striking the right balance, you’ll create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere that embodies the essence of Modern Coastal Vintage.

I do have to admit that after styling the beach house in Pasadena really started to feel cluttered. I had collected a lot of farmhouse-style items and our house was not feeling tranquil. So I spent a long weekend hauling out items that didn’t really have a purpose in our home. the difference is remarkable and I must admit, our home feels so much more inviting than it ever has.

Personalizing the Space with Sentimental Pieces

The finished beach house kitcehn with white cabinets, countertops, appliances, and an island.

Make your Modern Coastal Vintage space truly your own by incorporating sentimental pieces that hold personal meaning. I designed this tile hand-painted tile from Mission Tile West based on a fun birthday dinner we had in Sonoma. Everyone in the family gave me grief when I came up with the idea and of course, they all loved the version I had created and installed in our beverage area in the kitchen. We laugh every time we see it.

You can personalize a modern coastal vintage feel by displaying family heirlooms, vintage photographs, or travel souvenirs that evoke cherished memories.

apothecary jar filles with sea glass
I have collected sea glass on the beach at our house for years and I love displaying it!

Mix in elements that reflect your own style and personality, whether it’s a collection of seashells you’ve gathered or artwork by local artisans. By infusing your space with sentimental touches, you create a warm and inviting environment that tells a story and sparks conversations.

Modern Coastal Vintage style brings together the best of timeless charm, coastal vibes, and nostalgic elegance. By blending vintage elements with a coastal aesthetic, you can create a space that is both inviting and visually captivating.

Wood kitchen table and chairs in a white kitchen with white cabinets and appliances

Through a carefully curated mix of colors, furniture choices, accents, and personal touches, you can transform your home into a tranquil haven that reflects your unique style and appreciation for the past. So, embrace the beauty of Modern Coastal Vintage style and let its breezy charm transport you to a place where nostalgia meets the soothing rhythm of the sea.

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The living area at our beach house with a large fireplace, a frame tv, a window overlooking the ocean, and a couch, rug, coffee table and chair from Pottery Barn. The vintage cabinet, marble bust, and round rattan mirror are at the top of the staircase.

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