How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

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The most common question I get on my Instagram and blog is “What is the paint color in that room?”. We all struggle to try to find the perfect paint color. I can’t tell you how many times I was convinced that the paint chips I had picked out were perfect for a room. Only to get them home and realize I was way off!

So what’s the secret? Should we paint sample after sample on the wall with hopes that a color that looked great in someone else’s home might look great in ours too?Or should we create mood boards that include all of the colors in a room and select the paint colors that way?

I think I found a great solution.

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Now, what is my great solution for finding the perfect paint color?

It’s a website called Color Monarch. Let me show you how it works.

Check this out.

Did I paint our dining room a very dark gray/black?

Of course not.

Or did I paint it with a color called Simmering Smoke?  Nope.

Actually, I used a website called Color Monarch to find colors that might work in my dining room. It’s different from some of the paint color selection programs you might have seen. Color Monarch has set out to create the world’s first AI-based color recommendation system.  It’s easy to use. You start by uploading a photo of a room in your home. The Color Monarch AI analyzes all the colors, ascents, and influences in your space to calculate the “mood” your space is creating.  Next, you select your color focal point. You might choose a rug or a piece of artwork or even a pillow as your focal point. Using this information, the Color Monarch AI produces a set of color combinations unique to your space. You can select your colors by style, which include bold, modern or traditional.

Then you select any of the paint color recommendations and click on the wall of your photo. This changes the color of your walls to the selected paint color.

Here are some great paint color suggestions I discovered for my living room using this website.


Which one do you like? Antique Silver? Cool Slate? Hot Stone? Cool Charcoal?

I will warn you that this website is a bit addicting and so much fun! Once you have decided on a few colors that you like, you can order 8″ x 8″ paint color swatches for free. I am not sure why they are free, but that works for me!

Head on over to Color Monarch and let me know what you think. It’s a pretty fun tool that I think will help all of us to find that perfect paint color.

Have fun!

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  1. I like the Monarch concept and free samples. But I’d still like to know what your living room wall and trim colors are.

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