How to Make a Chenille Wreath

I love chenille and am thrilled to share how to make a chenille wreath. I am so happy I found a use for the $5 chenille bedspread I bought at the flea market.

Chenille Wreath

It’s been less than a week and I miss the twenty-six wreaths hanging in our home from the holidays. So I decided to make a chenille wreath. I pulled out one of my old flea market bedspreads and made a DIY chenille wreath. (I should mention I paid $5.00 for the chenille bedspread because it had a big tear on one side. Of course, I knew someday it would make a great craft project.)

How to Make a Chenille Wreath

This “rag” wreath was so easy. There is no sewing, just tearing fabric and tying knots. That’s it!

If you don’t have a chenille bedspread that you would like to use, you can also buy some chenille fabric I have listed below.

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Materials You Need to Make a Chenille Wreath

Anytime I see a chenille bedspread at the flea market I try to purchase it. I use them on our beds and have made pillows out of some of the beautiful bedspreads.

I usually won’t spend more than $20 and I can pay a lot less for ones that have a tear. That’s the only way I will cut them up for DIY projects … if they are damaged.

This means, of course, I have a lot of chenille bedspreads waiting to become a DIY project. 

how to make a vintage chenille wreath

For this chenille wreath, you need a metal (three or four lines) wreath form, two and a half yards of fabric or a chenille bedspread, and a ribbon. That’s it!

I found a wreath form at a vintage shop for $5 but you can also find these metal wreath forms as I listed below.

You can use a drop cloth, muslin fabric, or even burlap if you can’t find chenille. I highly suggest you use a fabric that rips well. If you can tear the fabric you will save so much time!

To determine how much fabric you need, you need to start with the size of your wreath form. Measure the distance all the way around the outside of the wreath. My wreath is 24″ in diameter and about 70″ around the outside. I need about 1′ for every inch on the outside, which is 70″ or about two yards (of 45″ wide) fabric. I suggest you purchase two and a half yards just to be safe.

how to make a wreath with fabric

How to Tear the Fabric Into Strips 

Next, you need to tear (or cut) one-inch strips. If you are using chenille be sure to tear them in the right direction. My chenille fabric will only tear in one direction.

how to make a no sew chenille wreath

Before I tore my fabric, I cut off the trim along the edges and then cut a small slit every 1″. Then I just tore the strips.

how to make a winter wreath
how to make a winter wreath

Next, I cut each strip into 8″ lengths.

how to make a fabric chenille wreath

Assemble the Chenille Wreath

The next step is to tie one strip across each metal rim. Just do a single tie. A double knot is too bulky.

how to make a chenille knotted wreath

After each row was tied (which was three strips), I pushed them together tightly and started the next row. Here is what the knots look like on the backside of the wreath form.

how to make a chenille wreath DIY

This is how the wreath looks like on the front side.

how to make a DIY chenille wreath

Be sure to push the rows together tightly after each row is knotted.

how to make a chenille or muslin wreath

Next, tie a ribbon to the top or bottom of the wreath. 

Chenille Wreath DIY

I am so happy how easy it was to make this chenille wreath.

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Chenille Wreath Craft

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  1. I recently joined your mailing list over the holidays, but have yet to receive an email with your recipes from your Christmas party. In particular, I am wanting your recipe for your smoked turkey on the cranberry orange muffins, but would like to have all the recipes you made as they look delicious.

  2. Have never been a fan of pompoms but that wreath is really unique and gorgeous; I also love chenille, my sister used our mom’s bedspread to make little teddy bears for all of us siblings. I really like the idea of a chenille wreath but it looks like a lot of cutting/tying! However, it looks gorgeous and will last a long time. Thanks for the new ideas.

  3. I love your talent and ideas on how to put a project/recipe so easily..also not very expensive..You are so your work in all you going to make some wreaths soon…thanks for sharing so many ideas!!!

  4. I had an old blanket that was falling apart several years ago that sort of reminded me of chenille and I did the very same thing with mine. Yours, however, is just breathtaking! It’s very hard finding these old relics around me but I keep looking. I know for sure I will make another like this now!

  5. Beautiful, but not chenille. It is actually hobnail. Still, it is lovely! Thank you for sharing your skills!

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