How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow

I am so excited to share my latest flower craft. This is a no-sew, torn fabric, easy flower craft pillow.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow

I had so much fun making this pillow. It’s easy and it is a great and easy craft for Mother’s day. I think you are going to be surprised to see how easy it is to make a flower craft pillow.

A New Type of Flower Craft

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow 7

This pillow started out to be something totally different. Then it morphed into something else, and after about five more modifications, it became this awesome pillow.

You all know how much I love to make pillows. And flower crafts are my favorite. So, a flower craft pillow was the perfect idea.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow 8

This pillow is so versatile. I love it outside and in the upstairs bedroom. I could also put it in our family room or living room.

Here is a close up of the flowers I made. As you can see, all they are is folded fabric wrapped in a circle to look like roses.

Fabric Roses

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What you Need to Make This Flower Craft Pillow

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow with Old Fabric
  • Three yards of cotton fabric, 45″ or wider fabric (I used a vintage curtain I had purchased at a flea market)
  • One pillow cover
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Step One – Rip the fabric into 2″ strips. I made 50 flowers for my 18″ pillow. Depending on the size or your flowers, you may need a few more.

Rip Fabric Into Strips

Fold the fabric in half along the long side, and wrap the fabric loosely in a circular motion. Be careful not to wrap the fabric too loosely.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow with Roses

I liked having different size flowers, but that is up to you.

Place flowers on Pillow

As each flower is made, place them on the pillow cover and arrange the flowers as you like them.

Place Flowers on Pillow

Continue to place the flowers on the pillow cover, being careful not to let them unravel. I tried to mix up the sizes so they appeared random.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow 2

Keep the flowers closely together as you place them on the pillow cover.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow

It doesn’t take long to make the flowers. It’s easiest if you keep the flowers flat on the table and you wind them.

Fabric Rolled Roses

Here is how they look when I am done. I love how this looks.

The next step is to glue the flowers to the pillow cover. Just lift up the flower, add hot glue to the pillow cover, and place the flower firmly on top of the hot glue. Start in the middle and work you way to the outer edges.

Be sure to check and make sure they are all securely attached before you lift the pillow.

At this stage, you can also sew them to the cover if you want. It’s up to you.

Glue flowers On to Pillow

This is how the pillow looked once everything was glued.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow 9

The colors in this pillow look so great with my painting and the flowers.

How to Make a Flower Craft Pillow 5

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How to Make a Rose Fabric Pillow

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  1. You are always coming up with great crafting ideas! Your blog is the first thing I love to read in the morning as I am enjoying my hot chocolate. Looking forward to many more new ideas, thank you.

  2. I just love how you create these wonderful
    pieces , they’re wonderful. I always look forward to your latest post!!!

  3. Love this pillow! Just to be clear, the length for each strip is the width of the fabric? I can’t wait to make one! I love old houses too, I have a 150 yr old house. Thank you!

    1. Yes Patti, the length is the width of the fabric, however, the smaller flowers are less. I’m excited for you to make this pillow and I love that you live in a 150 year old house, thats amazing!

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