Christmas Kitchen Towels DIY

I love to make stencils with my glue gun. It’s easy, inexpensive, and looks great. Here are the Christmas Kitchen towels I made for Christmas.

I love my kitchen when it is decorated for the holidays. The white cabinets and green walls (which have been this way for over twenty years!) look so great with red and green Christmas decor. Today I am sharing some Christmas kitchen towels that I made with … are you ready … a glue gun!

Stenciled Kitchen Towels Craft
You Made that?
Christmas Kitchen Towels

You can buy a stencil for this DIY. But I thought it might be fun to share how I made a stencil with a glue gun!

Christmas Kitchen Towels

Watch the Video to Make This DIY

I hosted a live demo today on my Facebook account. Just watch the demo to see how I made this glue gun stencil! It’s also posted below!

Last year I made a glue gun stencil and made some napkins. You can see them in my blog post here.

Christmas Kitchen Towels DIY

Watch the DIY Demonstration Here

Can you believe how easy it is to make a glue gun stencil for Christmas kitchen towels?

To start, I needed a design. I already made the pillow with the Christmas tree design, so I thought it would be fun to make something with a Christmas gift design!

I found and edited this design and if you want to use it, you can download it here Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Kitchen Towels

How to Make a Glue Gun Stencil

It isn’t hard to make a glue gun stencil. All you need is a design, parchment paper, and a glue gun with glue sticks.

You also need some dish towels (I used flour sack towels) or napkins.

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Here is the pattern I used placed underneath some parchment paper.

Pattern for Glue Gun stencil

It’s a bit hard to see as it is clear. But here is my stencil!

How to Make a Glue Gun Stencil

Here is a closer view.

You will want to apply the paint to the flat side of the stencil. 

Glue Gun Stencil

In this photo, you can see the stencil on top (covered with red paint) and the cloth with the stencil pattern.

I love that the stenciled dish towel is not perfect.

Glue Gun and Stencil

You can use regular acrylic paint (and iron it to set the paint into the fabric) or you can use fabric paint

It is up to you.

Stenciled Kitchen Towels

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How to Make a Stencil Glue Gun

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  1. Great idea! Can you tell me the green paint grand and color? I also have had a green kitchen for quite a few years. I like your shade and would maybe lighten mine up a bit!

  2. Your Christmas towels are lovely. I made the fall napkins you made and posted as a fall project and they were lovely.Will defenetily make x-mas one’s also.thank you for the lovely idea.Stay safe and happy holidays.

  3. I have really enjoyed your posts and crafting. The flour sack towels are so cute and brings back memories of when I painted chambray shirts and would seal the paint by ironing a white sheet soaked and rinsed in white vinegar over the painted area. (Wow! A blast from the past) I am going to try all these crafts and will be ready for next Christmas’ gifting! With Covid we are doing a lot of homemade gifts this year, but I think they are so special. Your ideas are so fun. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. How blessed I am to have found you this past week! I love your ideas, your demos, your encouraging words…just all of it! Thanks for generously sharing with all of us. Merry Christmas!

  5. Why is it that when I am trying to watch the video on your website a window pops up asking me if I will allow Facebook to track me when I am on your site. If I say Don’t Allow it stops the video and I am not able to watch. Very frustrating and I am not interested in allowing Facebook, which I am not even on at the time I’m trying to watch this, to track my activities. I am on your site not Facebook.
    By the way love the videos. You should do more. It is so much more helpful than seeing pictures. Not just during Christmas but at other times too. And you are good at it!

  6. HI Leslie, love all the ideas you are sharing. I wanted to make the glasses, but all the craft store near me here in Newport Beach, do not carry the glass paint. Online it comes in a set for $42, and I’m only wanting a single color. May I ask where or which store you found it? thanks, Jody

  7. Just found you recently. LOVE your crafts and videos! Thank you for your detailed instructions that make following them so much easier. The links are a great bonus too. I look forward to spending more time with you. Thank you for your inspiration! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season! 🎄🎅🏼❄️(I’m in Michigan!)

  8. Hi,
    I was randomly scrolling and came across your site. Your ideas are creative-can’t wait to “paint” my flour sack towels when the roller arrives from Amazon. I love your kitchen! Where did you find your spice rack which sits on the counter.
    Thank you,

    1. Carole, I am so happy that you found me! Please let me know how your dish towels turn out! The spice rack is 20 year old Martha Stewart. Stay tuned, I just might be making a DIY one in the future!

  9. This is such a fun idea and looks easy to do! I’m not real crafty so I look for “easy” but creative. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  10. Merry Christmas Eve Leslie and family. I love this idea for any time of the year. Thank you for showing how it is done.

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