DIY Clay Valentine Conversation Hearts

I have always loved Valentine Conversation Hearts candies. I made some out of clay that are personalized and will last forever.

DIY Conversation Hearts

Remember the red and white sweetheart box filled with conversation hearts that we would all get for Valentine’s Day? These hearts were a staple from my childhood. They were pastel-colored and each stamped with red letters spelling out a quippy saying. They were fun to eat, but I much preferred looking at all of the sayings on them.

For this Valentine’s Day, I was looking for a quick 30-minute craft and decided I wanted to replicate the Sweetheart conversation hearts with oven-dry clay, paint, a red ink pad, and alphabet letter stamps.

Conversation Hearts

Valentine Conversation Hearts

I created a list of sayings that I wanted to stamp onto the hearts and got to work!

Valentine Conversation Hearts

If you have ever used oven dry clay, it is really easy to work with. You simply warm the clay in your hands and roll it out on a solid surface to the desired thickness.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

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What You Need to Make This Craft

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

For these hearts, I rolled the clay out to ¼” thickness. I love using these rolling pin bands because they help you get the same thickness of clay every time you roll.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

Next, I used a medium-sized heart cookie cutter to cut out the hearts.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts
Valentine's Conversation Hearts

Next, I transferred them to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and baked them for 10 minutes.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

Be sure to flip them over and bake for 5 more minutes until the dark gray (on the underneath side) is light gray/white. Remove the clay hearts to a drying rack.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

While the clay hearts were in the oven, I mixed four different colors, (pink, lavender, yellow, and orange) together with white paint to the desired pastel color.

Once the colors were on point, I painted the top and sides of each of the dried hearts.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

Once all of the hearts were painted and dried, I used the red stamp pad and alphabet stamps to stamp the sayings on each of the hearts.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

I chose sayings like: Love You, Text Me, You’re Mine, Honey Bunch (my husband’s nickname), You’re Cute, Tweet Me and Kiss Me.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

I love that these look a lot like the candy hearts.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

I could have made more but I ran out of time.

I love that there are so many ways to style these in my home.

Valentine's Conversation Hearts

You can put them in a tray on a coffee table (Just make sure no one tries to eat them.)

Valentine Conversation Hearts

I put a square glass vase inside of a larger square glass vase and slipped the clay hearts in-between the edges.

DIY Valentine Conversation Hearts

Finally, I recently found some apothecary jars and I love using them to style items throughout my home.

Don’t they look cute in this one?

Valentine Conversation Hearts

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  1. Hi Happy Valentines Day I have the punches you use to buy for years save year after year and have them in jars and replace candles…. I made the clay ones Thank You for your ideas lovely

    1. I am so happy that you like these and are going to make some Lisa! I am happy that you found my blog, I have so many amazing projects planned, stay tuned!

  2. Oh my goodness, such a clever idea! I love this! I will have to try and make some. Thank you for the great idea. They look so cute and bring back great memories. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    1. I am so happy that you like them Diane! Super easy to make. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! ❤️💗🤍💕❤️💗🤍💕

  3. So nostalgic! I love these. I am definitely making these for sure. I think a garland made out of these would be cute. Thanks, Leslie.

    1. Thank you for reaching out Sue! Follow the directions on the clay packaging you use, mine indicated 275 degrees. Let me know how yours turn out! ❤️🧡💗

  4. Leslie,
    These clay hearts are adorable and I will save this project for next year. I’m planning to share a link to this post on my Sat. round up Dirt Road Adventures tomorrow. Thanks for your inspiration. Rachel

  5. Cute idea! I think I’ll try making these with the grandkids. Thanks for the idea and links. Is there a link for the rolling pin band? I love great tips like that. Those little tricks and tips of yours really make the difference. Thanks!
    Michelle K

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