Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric

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Guess what!! I made these pillows with custom fabric from JoAnn that I designed myself! This is the best home decor idea ever!

You might think that custom fabric is something that is outrageously expensive or only for interior designers. JoAnn now offers the ability to design your own fabric. It is fun, easy and economical! Today I am sharing how I create my custom fabric and what I made with it. Get started thinking about what you will design and what you will make!

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric

This post is sponsored by JOANN. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

I am so excited! I designed all of these fabrics! and made these pillows with custom fabrics. It was easy as I went to the JoAnn website and used CUSTOMIZER, exclusively at JoAnn.

I put together my own color palette and then picked a pattern for my fabric. Then I selected the size, repeat pattern, and colors.

Next I made pillows for our family room and napkins for our table.

All About Custom Fabric

Aren’t these pillows amazing?

If you look closely you will see that I even used piping on some of them.

Pink Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric

Here is a peek at the napkins I made. I sewed pom poms along the bottom edge to make them very festive, how much fun is that?!

Napkins with Custom Fabric

Is there such a thing as too many pillows? I don’t think so! Aren’t these wonderful on our sectional sofa and chair?

Home Decor Ideas with Pink Custom Fabric

How to Design Your Own Fabric

Here are some of the fabrics I designed on the JoAnn Customize site.

I even created my own color palette first to use for all of the fabrics.

I think the palette works perfectly with my colors for winter and spring.

The process to design and pick your fabric is very simple. It’s all done online. First, you customize your design and then you choose your fabric. You get it fast as they print it and deliver it within 7 – 10 days.

They have a gazillion fabric choices. The choices are 4-way stretch knit, batiste, brushed knit, cotton duck, cotton sateen, cotton sheeting, cotton twill, cotton-silk voile, crinkled chiffon, double-sided chenille, faux velvet, faux wool, heavyweight linen, jersey knit, lightweight linen, luxury satin, mid-weight linen, mini herringbone, Minky, plain weave, quilt cotton, silk charmeuse, textured blackout, and two-sided fleece.

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric 4

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Custom Designed Pillows and Napkins

I just love how all of these pillows came out!

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric Pink Pillows and Napkins

Here are the napkins I made. I think they are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Pom Pom Napkins

I love the pom pom trim.

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric Napkins

It wasn’t hard to make the pillows and napkins.

For a step by step DIY on how to make the pillows, read this.

I am very proud that I took the time to add the piping, see the last photo to see how great it looks. Good thing I found it up in my craft storage room!

That’s a vintage quilt in the middle of our sofa. The homemade pillows are on each side.

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric Pillows

We dine casually in our family room and I love this vintage basket with the faux flowers that sits on the center of our table.

Home Decor Ideas with Custom Fabric

Are’t these patterns fun? They have so many options to choose from which I loved.

Home Decor Pillows with Custom Fabric

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  1. Love this idea! So unique, yet easy to do! Ordering supplies and fabric now to make my own pillows and napkins for Valentine’s Day! Thanks, Stacy

  2. Leslie – what type of fabric did you choose for your pillows and napkins? Cotton twill? Thanks! Stacy

  3. What color pink did you order for the gingham twill and swan lake hearts fabrics? I want to make sure the pink pom-pom trim I ordered from your link goes with the fabric I’m customizing and ordering. You’re SO SO SO amazing! Love love love this idea!! Thanks, Stacy

    1. Hi Stacy – the hex color number (you will understand when you use the customizer, enter where edit color option is) #FFDFF0-pink hearts, #FFCEE2 for the gingham. I think I answered your other questions, but let me know if you have more questions! Let me know how yours turn out!

    1. Sofia, you can use any pillow insert/form (JoAnn sells them as do a lot of other sellers) or an old pillow! Stay tuned tomorrow for anothe pillow DIY, you will love it!

  4. Leslie, I love all of the pillows and the napkins! I also love the lighting shown in one of the photos — the fixtures hanging from the ladder. Do you have a link to these fixtures shared anywhere?

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for reaching out with your question. I do have a link for the fixtures hanging from the ladder – here you go! https://amzn.to/39lwsI8 And, it’s available on Amazon Prime, so if you are like me and love the immediate gratification, you can have it by Friday! Let me know if you end up getting one and where you hang it!

  5. Did you use the same fabric for all of the designs? What is it?
    Who knew you could do this?! Thanks for making us aware we can design our own fabrics.
    Last ? How much fabric do you get when you do this?

    1. Hi Mildred. I used 8 different fabric types. My favorites are the cotton duck, cotton twill, double sided chenille and the mid-weight linen. As you design your own fabrics, you choose the size/amount of fabric, so you can decide how much fabric you get! This was so much fun to do Mildred, I hope you give it a try. There is a video of how to use the customizer on the JoAnn site available on my Instagram Stories

  6. Leslie-
    Thanks so much for sharing the options they have at Joann and your beautiful creations. I had no idea and it’s such a terrific option to tailor things to your own liking. I’m so enjoying your blog. Like Stacey above, would you mind sharing the exact fabrics you chose for your pillows and napkins. I’m familiar with most of the fabrics but not sure what fabric makes for the best pillow covers. Thanks!! Andrea

    1. Hi Andrea! I’m so happy that you reached out with your question. I used 8 different fabric types. My favorites are the cotton duck, cotton twill, double sided chenille and the mid-weight linen. There is a video of how to use the customizer on the JoAnn site available on my Instagram Stories. Let me know if you make your own fabric and what you choose to make!

  7. Dear Leslie,
    Oh my goodness this is just amazing. The options for the pillow ideas are endless. Now if only I had paid attention in The Home Economics while In was in high school. I do not think they even teach home economics in high school any more. I have even tried to ask the junior college in the very small town where I live, to offer this as continuing education class. They offer floral deserve, water color etc.

    But again Thank you for making your readers aware of this possibility. IT IS TRULY WONDERFUL. I will order the fabric, and ask the lady who tailors garments if she may know a seamtress.

    Living in south Mississippi I am surrounded by pinecones. I think this is even a craft I might be able to accomplish. It is such a fresh idea. Would you mind terribly, explaining how you painted the cones. Did you combine the white and beige paint to for the perfect color?. Then took a small brush and painted the heads?

    When Our Lord was gifting talents to his creations. I was petting and playing with the puppies.

    Thank you for sharing your talents. Have A Lovely Day.

    1. Oh my goodness Debra-lynn, this just made my day – petting and playing with the puppies! 😂 For the pinecone wreath I used some all white paint, some beige paint and then some that was white and beige mixed together! Then I painted the pinecones (there is no wrong way to paint them) just paint until it looks the way you want them to! Please let me know if you end up making the wreath and if you find a seamstress to make the pillows or if you just decide to pet and play with the puppies 😊💗💕

  8. I love your choices. Can we just order the ones you designed. Maybe you could offer a design series through JoAnns. You are very talented.

    1. It really is amazing Barbara! Let me know what you design and what you end up making! Thank you for your thoughful and kind comment. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  9. Leslie,
    I believe these are some of the most beautiful fabrics and pillows I have ever seen! Is it possible to order “your” fabric or would I need to recreate it using your template? That is, if you wouldn’t mind me using the same thing, lol. I have played around with Joann’s customized fabric online, but I have never gone the extra step of actually ordering the fabric. 😬 Did you make the placemats? They are lovely. Mixing patterns is just so much fun and you do it beautifully! Thanks for this inspiring post!

    1. Thank you for your question, Debbie! Unfortunately, I cannot share the fabric. I am working on a way to share them!

  10. Leslie I love this Idea….my question is where do you find the designs to upload to Joann….thanks for any help you can provide….🧡

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