How to Cut and Make a Felt Flower Pillow with the Cricut Maker

make a felt flower pillow

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I love making crafts. And today I am so excited to share how I made this felt flower pillow. I absolutely love how it turned out, but I am more excited about something else. I am more excited about how I made this pillow. The felt flowers were cut on my new Cricut Maker Machine. Which saved me hours of time! (And just so you know, I didn’t hand cut a single felt flower.) My new Cricut Maker Machine cut every single one!

make a felt flower pillow with Cricut

I have a paper/felt flower website that I love and get all of my patterns and ideas for my flowers. It’s created by Lia Griffith and she makes the most amazing paper and felt flowers. You can buy all of the felt you need on the JOANN website and in their stores. The patterns and DIY instructions can be found online at Lia Griffith.

For this pillow, I made the following flowers.

I used Lia’s felt flower patterns and SVG cut files. Her SVG cut file is made specifically to work with the Cricut machines and it is what tells the Cricut machine exactly what it needs to cut.

I cut all of the flowers throughout one day. You can see the mess I made below, but no worries. After I finished cutting multiple flowers, I put all of the pieces for each flower type in a plastic bag and wrote how many petals were needed for each flower on the front. (This is extremely helpful when you are making multiple flowers!)

One thing you need to know is that the Cricut Maker machine has a rotary blade which means it can cut thin paper such as crepe paper and also thick fabric like felt and leather. I used the DENIM setting (instead of felt) to cut each of these flowers out of felt and it worked every time. Of course, you can use other Cricut machines to cut felt, but you need to bond the felt first.

my craft room

This is a photo of my computer screen in the Cricut Design Space. This is where you open up the flower cut files and determine how many flowers you want the Cricut Machine to cut. 

how to cut felt with a Cricut Maker

It amazes me how the machine can cut a felt piece this intricate.  

How to cut felt flowers with a cricut maker

What You Will Need to Make this Felt Flower Pillow

Cricut Maker cutting machine (You can use any Cricut machine but if you don’t have the Maker you have to bond the felt first.) 

2/3 yds felt for the flower petals (in three different colors)

1/3 yd felt (of green and gold)

One pillow cover 

Scissors, glue gun and glue sticks

Floral wire

Pan Pastels and sponges (optional, but used to color enhance felt petals)

cut felt with a cricut maker

To get the patterns, SVG files and instructions to make these felt flowers, just go to the Lia Griffith website. (I subscribe to her monthly subscription so I get all of the patterns at no additional charge.)

Here is an example of using Pan Pastels to color the petals. This really makes the flowers look realistic. You can spray the petals with fixative and let them dry to set in the color. But I didn’t. It doesn’t seem to matter.

Adding pastels to felt petals

Since felt won’t shape (as you can do with crepe paper), the instructions suggest you cut a slit at the bottom and glue to create a cup shape for the petals. 

Cut felt petals for a flower how to make a felt rose

I think this is brilliant how Lia made the center of the Coral Charm Peony flowers!

how to make a felt flower how to make a felt flower stamen

Aren’t these fantastic?

how to make a felt flower peony

It is so easy to add the felt petals.

felt flower peony make a felt flower peony make a felt flower peony pillow

This felt flower pillow was so much fun to make and I love how it looks in our home.

make a felt flower pillow with the Cricut Maker

I have never made roses before and these are very simple to make. All you do is twist the smallest petal around the wire. Then add the rest of the petals.

Once I finished making the flowers I laid them all out on my pillow cover and decided where to put each one. Then I cut off the wire stems and attached the flowers with hot glue.

I cannot believe how easy this was to make. Of course, you can hand cut all of the felt flowers. But the Cricut Maker saves you hours of time and it makes it a really fun project. I loved making felt flowers and this pillow.

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How to Make a Felt Pillow

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  1. Wow this is beautiful. I can’t believe these flowers are felt. They have so much dimension. Outstanding job and it’s beautiful. I think using a Circuit board is a must.

    Love it!

    Enjoy your day


  2. I love my cricut. I dont have the maker…yet but I use mine often. You just gave me an idea to get going on some custom pillows. Thanks for the inspo!!

  3. You have the best instructions and great pics! I am in love with this pillow! You amaze me every time!🌸🌸🌸🌸

  4. Just read an article about the Electric Cutting machine you are using, please look it up, it has caused two home fires. You need to keep it unplugged when not in use.

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