1BF5CB35-2F99-40A3-BFA3-B422E6AB09E7DA5BC6E3-88C8-4F75-A4A8-6AE687B293FE.jpgPinterest is such a great place for DIY ideas. Especially when it comes to Christmas projects. I recently saw this paper Magnolia wreath that was made by Seeking Lavender Lane. I loved the look of it so I decided to make my own using a scrapbook paper instead. It’s an easy DIY and I think you should try it!

62C9BDB3-7AF0-4560-BEE3-F30E7B958543Here’s what you will need:

  • One Styrofoam wreath (I used a 14″ wreath)
  • 8 large sheets of printed scrapbook paper
  • Six sheets white copy paper
  • Glue gun
  • Small piece of twine

I used my faux Magnolia wreath that I purchased in Waco as a guide to make my pattern for the leaves.B42DA90B-2734-4330-ACC8-C6B953B5BE9EI used approximately 50 cut magnolia leaves. Cut at least twenty more leaves than you think you will need as you don’t want to run out.

B136C051-DD31-43FA-9954-FF7084028AF486BAD7A2-78F5-46F6-BB86-DCF6D7670EB16CA84D07-B45B-468A-8BA7-1F6E4D3958E9Cover the Styrofoam ring with paper (cut into 2″ strips) and the hot glue gun. 89036AA6-12ED-4E00-889F-8EE63C93F0C8Then slowly add the leaves to the ring, securing with the hot glue gun. D88087A2-953D-460F-BEB9-EEE965110F51F5C44163-1B66-4F8D-80E5-4CA38CD58903Be sure to adequately cover the ring, using the photo as a guide.


Attach a small loop of string on the back of the wreath, with the glue gun, for hanging.


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