Flower Pillow DIY

Flower Pillow

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Spring is almost here in Southern California and lately, I have become obsessed with the flower pillows I have seen in the stores and on Pinterest. I love all of the pillows covered in individual rosettes and decided it was time to make my own.  I had some chenille leftover from a chenille wreath I made last month. So I made this chenille flower pillow and I love it.

Flower Pillow DIY

I promise this DIY isn’t as hard as it looks. I used a store bought pillow cover and made the rosettes while watching movies and the Academy Awards on TV. Once I figured out how to make the rosettes, it took only a few minutes to make them. I did add an extra step as I hand sewed the rosettes to secure the “petals”. This took more time than anything else.

Flower pillow chenille

What You Need to Make a Flower Pillow

One pillow cover (I used the Gurli 20″ x 20″ cotton pillow cover from Ikea).

Chenille blanket or drop cloth or two yards of 45″ cotton fabric

Extra long needle and thread

Needle nose pliers

Hot glue gun 

Steps to Make the Flower Pillow

Flower pillow roses

Tear 1″ strips of your fabric. For a 20″ x 20″ pillow, I made about 75 flowers which measured 3″, 2″ and 1 1/2″ in diameter. For the 3″ flowers I used a strip length of 36″. For the 2″ flower I used a length of 20″. For the 1 1/2″ flower I used 14″. The size of the flower will depend on your fabric and how tightly you wind the fabric. Just remember it doesn’t matter what size they end up. It just may affect how many flowers you need to make.

Most of the flower pillows I saw in the stores were made from only one size flower. I wanted a more random look so I decided to make three different sizes. Obviously, you can do whatever you want.

Flower pillow chenille DIY

3.  To make a flower, fold the 1″ strip of fabric in half and then fold over the end about 3/4″. 

Flower pillow DIY rosettes

Start wrapping around the folded center part to resemble a rose. 

DIY Chenille Flower pillow

The more random you wrap, the better. Don’t just create a “cinnamon roll”. Try to make them look more like a flower.

chenille rosette flower pillow Flower pillow DIY roses

When you are done, secure the flower with a straight pin (if you have the longer pins then use them).

At this point, I was afraid the center of the flower might slip out, so I used a needle and thread to secure the petals. I sewed from top to bottom and side to side through the middle of the flower and through all of the layers. Since I used chenille fabric I had a really hard time pushing my needle through all of the fabric. So I pushed and pulled the needle with needle nose pliers and it was so much easier.

How to make a flower pillow   

Once I had a good number of flowers made, I began to lay them out on the pillow cover because I wanted a random arrangement. This also helped me determine which size and how many flowers to make. 

How to make a roses flower pillow

Once you have enough flowers laid out to cover the entire pillow, start gluing them on to the pillow cover. I started in one of the corners and worked my way up to the top.

Flower pillow 2

You can also sew the flowers on to the pillow cover. I am thinking I might go back at some point and sew them as well. This would allow for hand washing.

Flower pillow with rosettes

I really enjoyed this project because I loved making the flowers while watching tv with the family. Once you have made a few flowers, it takes only a few minutes to make a flower. I just love how this flower pillow turned out.

DIY flower pillow 4

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how to make a floral pillow

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  1. I am going to try this, Looks fairly easy since I am not a seamstress. Do they have an upholstery needle that would be heavier and longer? I am going to JoAnn Fabrics and check it out. Thanks for the simple instructions. Love your Blog and Insta feed 😘

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