Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY


I love making small trees for Christmas so I decided to try some with ribbon. I think you are going to love making this Christmas tree ribbon DIY.

Happy Thanksgiving! I know you are all very busy with your families today so I thought it might be fun to include a fun and easy DIY. Last week I shared similar trees but used feathers. And I have also made trees with pinecones. Working with ribbon was very different because I manipulated the ribbon in different ways. The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY
You Made that?

Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY Project

Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

As you can see with the three trees I made, they are all a bit different. Two have what I call a “loop effect” and the tallest one has a “pleated effect”. All three were made with paper mache cones and a glue gun. That’s about it!

Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

Today I am going to share instructions so you can make these trees too. But be sure to head to my Instagram this afternoon to see the video of how to make both the loop and pleated trees.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

Christmas Tree Ribbon

These Christmas Tree Ribbon DIYs are very easy to make. All you need are some paper mache cones, ribbon (I used rolls with 10 years each and had some leftover), and a glue gun.

That’s all you need

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Steps to Make the Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY with Pleats

The process of making the ribbon tree with pleats is pretty straightforward. I think it works best if you use wired ribbon because you can pre-fold the pleats and the ribbon will hold the pleating pattern.

  • one – If you are using a wired ribbon, you can actually pleat the ribbon first because it will hold its shape. I put a piece of white tape on the counter measuring approximately three inches and used it as a guide to making my pleats. Can you see how each pleat is the size of the white tape?
  • two – Once you have pleated the ribbon, start at the bottom and adhere the ribbon to the bottom of the cone with a hot glue gun.
  • three – Once you are done with the row, cut the ribbon.
  • four – Repeat the process for the rest of the rows, cutting the ribbon after each row.
  • five – As you move up the cone it gets narrower so you don’t be alarmed if the ribbon does not lay flat between pleats.
  • six – At this point, I can estimate I was about eight minutes into the project.
  • seven – Here you can see how the top of the ribbon doesn’t lay flat as you get closer to the top of the cone.
  • eight – Continue up to the top and fold the ribbon over the top and secure with glue.
  • nine – Here are the two ribbon trees I finished first.

Steps to Make the Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY with Loops

I made two loop trees and this was fun. I had no idea how to make these and I just kept folding, looping, and guessing until I got it right.

  • one – I found it easier to make these trees if I propped them off the ground with a glass. To start, attach the ribbon to the tree and loop the yarn to the right.
  • two – Secure the new loop with the glue gun.
  • three – Once you finish the first row, cut the ribbon and start over with the next row.
  • four – Don’t worry about precision because the trees look great regardless.
  • five – continue to add the loops until you are done with the tree. Wrap the last loop over the top and secure it with glue.
  • six – Don’t these three trees look great?
Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

I hope you will try making these trees. They are very inexpensive to make and you can make all three in an hour or so. Such a fun DIY.

Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

I own a lot of cake plates because they are great to use for creating displays. Fortunately, all three of my ribbon trees fit on this tall white one. I love this display!

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Christmas Tree Ribbon DIY

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Leslie to you & your getting bigger by the day family!
    Love these ribbon trees, will have to give them a try.

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