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Dinner in the Wine Cellar

Sometimes creating a romantic dinner for two is the perfect thing to do on a Monday night. I set up a table for dinner in our wine cellar to surprise my husband. I cannot wait until he sees it.

Dinner in the Wine Cellar

I have been wanting to create a special yet simple dinner for my husband since the boys went back to Texas. I picked an unlikely location which just happened to be the coolest room in our entire home! I created a dinner for two in our wine cellar.

This post was sponsored and created for Flat Top Hills wines and the opinions are entirely mine. This post is for readers 21 years and older.

Cellar Dinner

I was selected to be an Ambassador for Flat Top Hills wines and they asked me to create a #flattopmoment. I decided to create a mid-week fun yet simple tablescape featuring their wines for a fun dinner with my husband.

This is what the wine cellar looked like before I started creating my “midweek” dinner.

Our wine Cellar

Making the Table for Our Dinner in the Wine Cellar

I needed to find a table to put in the wine cellar and I found one that was the perfect size. And I say it was the “perfect size” because I just happened to have two riddling racks that fit on top of the table perfectly.

In case you are wondering, riddling racks are pretty cool. Developed by Madame Clicquot of the Veuve Clicquot Champagne house in the early 1800s, they are a way to hold bottles of wine during the process of making sparkling wine in the traditional format in France. The bottles in the fiddling racks are turned a quarter distance every few months to ensure proper storage. I have wanted to use my riddling racks in a fun way for a long time. This table was perfect.

Making the Wine Table

This table is a very cool vintage table. I knew I had to remove the metal top in order to make this work. But removing the top took hours. And hours. And hours. 

Taking Off the Metal Table Top

The only way to remove the metal top was with a pair of pliers and a lot of elbow grease. I had to bend the entire outside edge so that I could slip it off the vintage table.

Taking the Aluminum Top off of a Table

Once the metal top was off, I replaced it with the riddling racks. I love how it came out!

Riddling Rack Table

Making the Wine Cork Vases

How to Make Cork Vases

I came up with an idea to make wine cork vases. All you need is a vase, a shot glass, and some wine corks.

Cork Vase

Place the shot glass in the middle of the vase. Surround the glass with plenty of wine corks.

Cork Vase

It should look like this. Fill the shot glass with water (I used a turkey baster) and place fresh flowers in the vase.  Next, I added a few more corks to fill up the vase. I cut these hydrangeas from my garden.


Setting the Table in the Wine Cellar

Wine Table Dinner

After about a thousand trips up and down our basement stairs, the table was almost set. I decided to use my copper charges and copper candlesticks from Amazon. I added my favorite Spode Delamere plates and my “every day” sterling silver.

You can shop for these items here.

We chose two of the Flat Top Hills wines, the 2018 Flat Top Hills Chardonnay, (SRP $13.99) and the 2016 Flat Top Hills Red Blend, (SRP $15.99).

They are perfect to enjoy with the dinner I had planned. 

Dinner with wine

The table was simple but created the perfect #flattopmoment.

Wine Cellar Dinner

I loved the intimate setting and the uniqueness of the location made it so romantic and special. 

Wine Dinner with Flat Top Hills

I can’t believe how important it is to think “outside of the box”. Whenever I push myself it ends up being better than I ever imagined.

Flat Top Hills Wine at Dinner

I have a feeling we might be dining here a lot this summer. It’s quaint, cool and very romantic and very warm outside!

Hydrangeas on the Wine Table

I also never imagined this table would fit in our cellar. But I took a chance and moved it in there.  I am so glad I did.

Dinner in the Cellar with Flat Top Wine

Cheers to creating a fun weeknight dinner at your home. All you need is a fun location, flowers, and some candles and you are set!

Oh wait,  I forgot you need food too. I am off to cook dinner now!

Wine Cellar Dinner

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22 Responses

  1. How very special
    I’m sure your husband was surprised and grateful you took the time just for some quiet time with him!

    1. He was! Thank you, Diane. It really was such a great evening and I love that I get to share with you!

  2. Leslie, You really create magic, I love how this came together. The table and those chargers🥰💗🥰💗. I can’t wait to see the menu.

  3. how big is your wine cellar room, is like a cold storage cellar in older homes where they stored potatoes, etc. i love it. where are the wine wall holders from? how do you label or identify all your wines? i think they say the older the wine the better if it is stored sideways with wine on the cork.

  4. Leslie, what a beautiful and magical creation! So inspiring! You have me thinking about doing something for my guy. We could use a “date night”! Flat Top Hills picked the right ambassador for sure. Cannot wait to see what you do next. Thanks, Cindy

  5. Beautiful Leslie….very clever with the table and the decor fits the setting. The only room I haven’t been able to identify in the current remodel, lol, is the large room to the right of the entry. You had some very large paintings in that room.

  6. Lovely evening. . .we also have a sit down wine cellar and this gives me a wonderful way to surprise my husband as well. Thank you for sharing, Leslie. Have you ever enjoyed any of our fine Walla Walla wines?

  7. I love the amount of thought and effort you give to your projects! The new tabletop is definitely more fun (and romantic) than the simple enamel. I’ll have to try the Flat Top Hills wines. Very reasonably priced!

  8. This is all so quaint and beautiful but, I am so interested in what you served for dinner. You left us dreaming of what a magical atmosphere would have to go with it. So fun looking.

    Sincerely, Karen

  9. You are certainly welcome. So fun to follow along on your adventures. Let us know when those boys make the olympics. Stay safe and keep the fun coming.

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I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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