DIY Valentine Decor

 I created this DIY Valentine decor flower holder using a wooden crate, flowered paper napkins and lots of glue!

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Today I have partnered with five of my favorite bloggers for a “three-ingredient” blog challenge. The premise of the challenge is that we have to create something using at least three pre-determined ingredients. I created this DIY Valentine decor flower holder using a wooden crate, flowered paper napkins and lots of glue! So can you guess what the three ingredients for this DIY are?

diy valentine decorations decor


Actually, that’s not an easy answer. Let me just say that we changed the three ingredients about ten times. Initially, the “ingredients” were either too far fetched or too specific. We finally settled on paper, ribbon, and glue. (We had Washi tape as one of the ingredients up until the last minute. Some of the bloggers used it and they should be given a prize! I can honestly say I am thrilled I did not have to include it in my project!)

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see photos and links to all of my fellow blogger’s posts!

diy valentine decorations supply list

What You Will Need

A wooden crate (Ideally you want an unfinished wooden crate!)

White acrylic paint (only if the crate isn’t a consistent color)

Printed paper napkins

Tacky Glue

Rotary Cutter

Satin Varnish

Semi-fine sandpaper

Step #1 – Paint the Crate

As you can see from the photo above, the crate I used had different colors of stain. Since I knew the stain would show through, I painted the crate white before I started. If you use an unfinished crate or one that is the same color, then you can skip this step.

diy valentine decorations wooden crate

Step #2 – Cut the Paper Napkin

I measured the width of each board on the crate and using my rotary cutter, I cut out 2″ strips of the paper napkin. If the napkin is two-ply then remove the second solid color layer of the napkin (after you cut it) and discard.

diy valentine decorations 13

I cut sixteen strips (one for each board) and had way too much!

diy valentine decorations 12

Step #3 – Glue the Napkin to the Crate

Add a half teaspoon of water to a generous amount of tacky glue to thin it out. Apply the glue with a paintbrush and cover a board about the length of one of the strips. Gently apply the paper strip to the board. Don’t worry about making it too perfect. (You will sand it later so it doesn’t matter.) 

diy valentine decorations paper

Gently tap the napkin to adhere it to the wood, being careful not to pull it off (it is sticky!).

Continue all the way around until the first board is fully covered. 

diy valentine decorations paper decor

Add the paper napkin strips to the second board but start in a different place so the napkin patterns don’t match.  

diy valentine decorations paper decorated crate

Continue until the entire crate is covered. Let dry overnight or until all of the glue is dry. (Don’t continue to the next step until you are 100% sure everything is dry.)

diy valentine decorations paper napkin

Step #4 – Sand the Crate

At this point, I thought the paper looked too intense so I decided to sand the boards to make them look more vintage. I love how they came out!

diy valentine decorations flower crate project

I sanded and sanded and sanded until I thought it looked authentically vintage. Then I added the satin varnish to seal the napkins.

diy valentine decorations flower crate diy valentine decorations paper flower crate

Step #5 – Add the Flowers

I placed four galvanized vases in the crate and filled them with flowers. I added some raffia and love the final look!

 diy valentine decorations 9 diy valentine decorations 3

And here are the fabulous DIY projects shared by my blogging friends.

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  1. When you first showed this, maybe on stories, I thought you were painting the crate. This is a great idea anyone can do. Thank you Leslie

  2. What a great project. The flower napkins you used are lovely and you can keep the crate decorated for spring season and for Easter. I would make one for fall for Thanksgiving maybe using napkins with pumpkins on it and/or for Christmas using napkins with santa’s/snowman ext… have a great day.

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