A Master Bedroom Facelift

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Our master bedroom got a facelift!

Many of you know that my #1 goal for 2018 was to get better sleep. So I made a few changes in our bedroom.

Out went all of my electronic distractions (as in my iPhone, ipad, and laptop) and in came the most luxurious bedding ever! I have new #serenaandlily linen sheets, pillow shams, duvet cover, throw and a decorative pillow cover.

If you recall, our bedroom used to look like this.

We did a makeover last fall and chose a color palette of gray and white. For the makeover, I chose bedding that was all white.

But when Serena and Lily reached out to me and asked me to try their new 100% linen Cavallo Bedding Collection I decided to make a change. I had been worried about keeping the white stain free and was intrigued about linen bedding. But I will be honest. My immediate thoughts were, “Doesn’t linen wrinkle and isn’t it scratchy?”

I selected the gray color for the duvet and shams as it fits perfectly with our existing decor. I did choose white linen sheets as I have this weird thing about only liking white sheets. In fact, beige doesn’t even work with me. Go figure.

I also selected what I think is the coolest throw ever. It’s called Casablanca Tuft Throw. I think it is such a nice addition to our entire bedroom!

So our new bedding looks fabulous. We can all agree with that. But what about the wrinkles and softness of linen fabric?

First off, when I took the duvet out of the packaging there were some fold creases from the packaging. I did pull out the steamer and iron out the fold lines. I didn’t want my photos to look bad so the fold lines had to go. (But you might have noticed the tag in the photo above. No matter how hard I try, life is always real here at my 100-year-old home.) But that was the extent of my ironing because they really weren’t that wrinkled. I think I can promise you I will never iron my linen sheets. I love the casual look (and wrinkles) of linen and I do not see a need to iron them to make them look like freshly pressed cotton. I keep reading that linen sheets get softer with washing, but I am fine with the way they are now.

The linen is way softer than I expected. The sheets have been great to sleep on. For some reason, they feel more elegant than our cotton sheets. I do not know if this is due to my imagination or what, but I am a very happy girl. They feel cooler (as in temperature, not like “hip”) and really luxurious. I don’t know exactly how to explain it.

The only problem we are having is that someone else in our home has decided he likes our bedding too.

Serena and Lily’s new linen collection launched this week and you can use the code MY100YEAROLDHOME for 15% off.  My bed has never been so comfortable and I am now sleeping so much better. Have you ever tried linen sheets or bedding?

What do you do to sleep better?


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  1. I have been wanting new bedding so I will look into Serena and Lily. Also I thought I was the only one who only really likes white sheets. Nothing else looks or feels right to me!!

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