The Lost Art of Letter Writing

One of the saddest things about the digital age is that we have all forgotten the art of letter writing. Just think about it. When was the last time you sat down to write a letter? With a pen and a piece of paper?

There is something about writing your thoughts out by hand on physical paper, and sealing it in an envelope, that makes the message feel much more personal and enjoyable. I think that the art of writing letters is a lost art that we need to revive together.

My husband and I were at a party a week ago and I ran into an old friend. As we were catching up, I told her about my blog and Instagram account and how much I have enjoyed it. A few days later I received the nicest note in the mail from this same friend letting me know how much she had enjoyed my Instagram account. It was the most genuine and sweetest note. And from a friend that I probably hadn’t seen in over ten years.

This really got me thinking. First was that I was so impressed! The fact that this friend would go out of her way to first, read my Instagram, and second, write such a kind note about her experience, was wonderful. Next, I felt guilty. Why haven’t I taken the time to do such a thoughtful thing? To be perfectly honest, I have been really bad and have sent a lot of thank you notes via text or email. What a huge wake-up call!

I found my stationery and note cards and put them on my desk, right next to my stamps. I am so motivated to start writing and sending more letters.

How about you? Will you join me in trying to revive letter writing?


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I am of a different generation but I still write letters and send cards. I love to received stationary of all kinds as a gift and can’t go past pretty notepaper, journals and cards. I always keep a good supply of stamps at hand.

  2. I agree. It is wonderful to receive a handwritten note. And I love beautiful personalized notecards and a smooth writing pen. Great reminder Leslie!❤️

  3. Its sad with everything digital this is for sure a lost art. Every 6 months or so I write a letter to my daughters who are 5,5,and 2. I write about life, things I am scared I will forget to tell them, what they love, funny stories or things they have told me, whatever I am feeling that day and I keep them all in a book. One day maybe when they graduate or get married or have a big life event I will give them these books of letters and they will know how I felt at different stages of their life.

  4. you inspired me. I have a beautiful pottery barn desk that now sits empty because I no longer have a desk top. I am going to make it my writing desk. I am going to put out stamps, stationery to write, write write

  5. How many of us have treasured letters handed down from parents or grandparents? What will our kids have, our hard drive? The same with old photo albums. Thank you for the reminder Leslie!

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