A Sneak Peek at the Month of August

Today I am sharing a sneak peek of the Blog Posts I Have scheduled for the month of August. I cannot wait to see what you think. 

copper color inspiration board

Happy August to you all! I am still trying to decide if the month of August is going to be relaxing or crazy. 

I am going to think positive and calming thoughts this month, so everything can be calm and relaxing. Right?

So far, so good. I spent yesterday afternoon on the beach reading magazines and it was amazing. 

I have started a new blog series called “A Sneak Peek”. Every month I am going to write a blog post on (or near) the first of every month. The purpose of the blog post is to share with all of you what’s coming! You can expect that from now on you will always see a preview of what lies ahead on (or near) the first of the month.


Secretly, it’s also a way to ensure that I am planning at least a month ahead. Duh.

I should probably mention that I actually have the next four months of blog posts all planned out. It may sound scary but I love being this organized. I have all of my blog post ideas on post-it notes, on a calendar, with the expectation that there will need to be changes. I am okay with that!

Ok, I am going to be truthful and say that it is August 2nd and I have already made a change. Hmmm.

In case you didn’t believe me, here is the proof. This is my blogging Editorial Calendar. It’s sideways but I did hang them up in my office the right way.

Editorial Calendar

The post-it notes are color-coded, in case you were wondering. 

Some of you are thinking, “That’s dumb … why doesn’t she just put this in her computer?”. The reason is that I am a visual and creative person. I need to see four months at a time. I need a calendar on the wall and right in front of me. It’s strange, but that’s the way I am.

I cannot believe we are into the last month of the summer. (Of course, our hottest month here is in September.) But let’s talk about August because I would love to share with you what I have planned.

A Peek of What’s Coming to my Blog in August

August is an unusual month because my blog content is pretty much 50% summer and 50% fall. One of the problems with being a blogger is that we need to share content way ahead of the time. What that really means is we need to post our blogs way ahead of the time most normal people would decorate their homes. The reason we share so early is a lot of the brands we work with have early deadlines. we love to share content that will inspire you for the upcoming season. A lot of my blogger friends put up Christmas decor in October. I have always been a “day after Thanksgiving holiday decorator”,  but when I started blogging, that all changed.

(Ok, another truth. In the last three years, I put up Christmas decor in October, took photos, and took it down until mid-November. Sigh.)

Here are just a few of my August Blog Topics

DIY Bedroom Makeover

I am doing a huge makeover of a bedroom in our home. I start tomorrow and finish on August 28th. (I hope.)

$5 Solar Hanging Lanterns 

(Yes, that is them pictured above!) I cannot wait to share these solar lanterns. I finally came up with a very inexpensive option that all of us can use! And I love how great they looked at this dinner I hosted last night on the beach.

Glue Gun Stencils (aka twenty-five-cent stencils)

I am not kidding. These stencils are made with a glue gun and really cost under a dollar. 

I cannot wait to share with you what I made with this stencil!

Summer Recipes


I have some fun recipes to share.  And of course, they can be enjoyed year-round. Just like this amazing Marinara Sauce.

Home Dyed Fabrics

This includes natural dyes and “not so natural dyes”. Just trying to be realistic.

Harvesting and Canning Tomatoes

Some of us have way too many tomatoes in our garden!  Hence, see the photo above.

Making Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreath DIY

I am sharing a few wreath ideas this fall. My favorite one costs less than $5 to make. To make this one, click here.

I also will be developing a lot of ways to repurpose last year’s fall decor. With a few craft supplies, I think I can use a lot of last year’s decor to create an entirely different fall look. All I need is a few craft items to make this happen (and save a lot of money).

What About Entertaining in the Month of August?

I mentioned on my Instagram that we are having another family party in our backyard.

I am hosting a family dinner party on Sunday, August 9th and I have a lot of preparations to complete in the next week. The theme for the dinner is sunflowers and I will have some wonderful DIY’s to share for my table (and a great menu). 

This is just a peek at a few of my August blog posts … there is so much more!

My Fall Theme

The fall is all about getting ready for the change in weather and getting ready for the holidays. I decided a few weeks ago to use copper as my inspiration for fall.

I put together this inspiration board and I love it.

copper color inspiration board

You can expect to see blog posts with copper flowers,  a copper vase, a copper tray, lots of recipes, and more.

But you will have to wait until September for a lot of that.

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  1. So many amazing ideas. Can’t wait to see the sunflower ideas. I want to decorate with them for fall. Excited to see what’s coming. Just started following your blog

  2. I have all the materials to make the pinecone wreath. So excited to start & complete this craft. Thanks Leslie !

  3. I have always loved copper. It was so popular back in the 80’s. Had a lot of it at one time. It’s too bad I didn’t sVe some for new ideas
    Can’t till Fall either. My favorite time of year with the colors that I do luv.
    Thks for all your ideas & up coming with copper

  4. Excited about the glue gun stencil! Love the copper. I wil try the pine cone wreath.
    And your calendars! Love them!!

  5. Amazing, both in terms of planning and topics! Can’t wait to read it all. I’ve always planned my blog posts about a month out – on the computer – but I mae have to steal your planning system. I too am a visual person and would love to see several months color coded and laid out in front of me! Excellent!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you do for the fall. I have the same colors chosen and eager to add my pops of blue. Now, I’m finalizing Christmas colors. I can’t wait for your holiday sneak preview!

  7. I can’t wait. I love copper. I used to have a lot of it, but tired of polishing it. I hope you have some copper spray paint ideas.

  8. Although I’ve followed you on IG for some time I just found your blog. Love your fall “copper” theme! I’m ready to change out my star spangled summer for some pumpkin spice copper!! Have you ever done a copper Christmas ?? I did one year when I was loving the fall colors so much I didn’t want to box them up. Just added red and it was wonderful!! Might try that again because when you’re creative ya can’t do the same thing two years in a row!!

  9. Your planning skills are off the charts!!! So glad you share them with us! Cannot wait to see the stencil idea & everything else! As usual your talents are amazing! Excited for August!

  10. My first time checking out your blog.. Miss Mustard Seed got me interested. She is Sooo creative and I love her taste. She has referenced your blog..& here I am.

  11. So I’ve followed you on IG for a long time now but this is the first time I have visited your blog and this is the first blog post I read. Wow! Can I just say that you take organization to a whole new level and I’m obsessed? I too am a very visual person and although I’m very technically savvy, I love to handwrite lists and I read actual books and I also like to see a paper calendar hanging on my wall. You have inspired me so much! I only hope that one day I am as organized and prepared with my blog as you are with yours!

    1. This is so sweet! I am so glad you were able to find my blog and are finding inspiration! Thank you so much for following along with me.

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