The One Room Challenge – Week Two

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I have spent this entire last week finalizing my plans for the Boys Room I am redesigning for the One Room Challenge. I can’t even to begin to tell you how excited I am. What I am trying to say is, I have got this. I know exactly what I am going to do with this room.

I am not a trained interior designer. Rather, I love home decor and I know what I love. So I put together this inspiration board for the room. Why did I do this? Because just about everyone on the #oneroomchallenge blog posted one last week so I thought I had better do one too! I know it’s funny, but I am paying attention and learning as I am doing this. And the process of putting this together has helped me a lot.

So let me explain what I am going to do.

Color Palette

I know it’s not the most exciting color palette but it works for my boys. The only thing that I am keeping in the room from before the remodel is the set of vintage school lockers. Hence, we the blue. I already purchased a wrought iron headboard at a flea market and it is black and gray and off-white. It’s that simple.

Wall Covering

I decided on board and batten and last weekend I installed it with the help of my handyman. I am not that great with the saw, and since he had to “rip” the MDF into three-inch strips, I knew I was way over my head. So I measured, glued and nailed the boards on the wall while he cut and cut and cut the boards. Next, I have to prime and caulk the boards and then paint the entire room.


I am thrilled that I am partnering with The Saatva Company and have picked out a custom bed for this room. They are such an amazing company to work with and I can’t wait to try out their bed! It’s currently being made and should arrive within the next few weeks.

As I mentioned, I purchased the headboard at the Ventura fleamarket. It’s wrought iron, chippy and absolutely fantastic. I am so excited.

While I haven’t made a final decision, I really like the bedding pictured above. I am pretty sure this is what I am going to use but I will finalize this within the next week. I love the gray and off-white duvet cover. My only hesitation is the medallion pattern is a bit “instagrammy” (as my son called it … which means “feminine”) so I will keep looking for something a tad more masculine.

Window Coverings

I am going to hang drapes. I am just not sure if I am going to make them or buy them. They will be off-white and likely dropcloth. I want simple and light.


I will need to select the rug but I am looking for something similar to what is pictured above. I will order the rug this week just to make sure it is here in time. I would love your input.


I purchased a very old cabinet a few months ago that needs some major TLC. I am going to clean it with bleach and paint it with milkpaint. I think I can make it work. Fingers are crossed on this one.

Fun Stuff

I am so excited about the art for this room. I am not going to go into a lot of detail (we need some surprises) but it’s already ordered and I purchased the frames today. I am also going to build some sort of frame for the TV (as seen in the photo above) because I found something very special to cover the TV. That’s another surprise so you will just have to wait for the final details.

I picked up a few accessories for the room on my last flea market trip. But I will be looking for lots more during the next month. That’s the fun part.

Be sure to head on over to the One Room Challenge blog to see all of the fabulous projects happening for this challenge.

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  1. Love your mood board and colour scheme and the lockers are perfect. I am certainly no expert but I don’t feel the duvet cover is quite right for a boys’ room. I don’t suggest it should be madly masculine and I think the colour will be great but the design is a little “girly”. I am so keen to see the finished room.

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