The Best Ceramic Planter DIY

It amazes me that I can start with a terracotta pot, add some molded clay and a few coats of paint, and end up with the best ceramic planter.

These ceramic planters are going to look fabulous on my fall tables. I love how easy they are to make and how great they look with fall colors.

The Best Ceramic Planter DIY
You Made that?

Why I Love to Work With Clay

Painted Ceramic Pot

Isn’t this ceramic planter amazing? I love that it looks so unique and yet is really easy to make.

I have teamed up with three other very talented bloggers and we are sharing ideas for your fall tables which includes a DIY, recipe, and table design. Today we are all sharing the DIY’s. Be sure to see their ideas below.

You might have noticed this is the third DIY that I have made with Iron Orchid Design (IOD) products. The first was a Leaf Charger Plate, then I made a Cake Stand, and today I made the Ceramic Pot. Isn’t it incredible what you can make with an IOD design mould?

Iron Orchid Designs has the most incredible products for crafts and DIYs. Their designs are very creative and their products will easily help you to discover amazing new DIYs and crafts.

If you go to the IOD website you will find “DIY tools and tutorials to inspire your creative soul”. They have decor mouldsdecor stamps, and decor transfers to make fabulous items for your home. Today I get to share how I made these chargers for my fall table!

Where can you buy Iron Orchid Designs products? Just click here to find a retailer near you! (You can also order online from most of the retailers.)

Once again I thought it might be fun to go with the fall colors instead of white. Although I am pretty sure I will be making something similar to this in white for the holidays!

Best Ceramic Planter

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How to Make a Ceramic Planter

Ceramic Pots

Materials Needed to Make Your Two Ceramic Planters

Before you get started you need to plan out your design. I measured the swag and the circumference of my clay pot and realized I could use three swags and three leaves. Since you will glue the clay when it is wet you have a lot of flexibility to adjust the “curve” of the swag depending on the size of your pot. You could also use more than one leaf, in between the swags, if needed.

I measured the pot into three sections across the top and drew a pencil mark. I glued on the leaves first (one at each mark) and then added the swag. It was so easy to do!

  • one – Roll some of the clay in your hand to soften it. Place a generous amount into the mould. Flatten the clay into the mould. Using a scraper, flatten and scrape the clay until it is flat (as seen in the mould at the top).
  • two – Lay the moulds flat but don’t let them dry. You will glue them on while they are still wet.
  • three – Apply the Thick and Quick glue to the back of the clay leaf piece and attach to the pot. (I measured the pot into thrids and made a small pencil mark at the top for my guide.) Hold the leaf in place for about a minute until it won’t slide off. Next, glue on the swags. Let dry overnight.
Best Ceramic Planter DIY

Mix your paints for your pot. This is where it is hard for me to share my paint colors because I mix them. And I just keep mixing them as I go along. I used burgundy red, orange, brown, and cream and came up with these two colors. I used these colors, named Peach and Burgundy, for the cake stand I made and saved them in mason jars.

Fall DIY Painted Cake Stand
  • four – I wanted to highlight the clay moulds so I painted the clay with burgundy paint first. Let it dry.
  • five – Next I painted the rest of the pot the lighter peach color. Don’t worry about painting it too perfectly.
  • six – Let the paint dry. I placed the pots outside in the sun and they were dry in about ten minutes.

  • seven – Next I put some of the peach paint in a cup and thinned it with water. (I call this a “wash”.) You want the wash to be a thin consistency so the under color shows through but not too thin that it runs all over the place and won’t stay on the pot. A few drips are ok, just use your brush to get rid of them.
  • eight – Paint over the burgundy paint with the wash.
  • nine – Let the pots dry.
  • ten – Next I made a wash with brown paint. Cover all of the pot with the brown wash. Let dry.
  • eleven – Paint the entire pot with the peach wash again to bring out some of the colors. Do not worry about it looking perfect. The more uneven, the better. When dry, paint the pot (inside and out) with a water-based satin sealer.

Doesn’t this look amazing?

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A handmade ceramic planter with fresh flowers and flower decor.

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  1. What an awesome project! Definitely falls into the “looks hard but it’s easy” category! That will look gorgeous on your thanksgiving table. <3

  2. I am always so excited when I see your email in my inbox! Thank you so much for introducing me to Iron Orchid Designs. I am in love. Every project you have created with IOD is just awesome! I have stocked up on their products since you posted your beautiful charger. I am looking forward to lots of amazing projects with the moulds, stamps and transfers! I live just down I35 from your 100 year old house in Salado.

  3. Beautiful! I have been experimenting with adding IOD to pots, but trying to make them waterproof, finding it hard to get that info off the blogs and such. Everyone explains the molds and applying them but not how to waterproof them. Does anyone have any ideas?

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