Outdoor Living Starts with a Green Lawn

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As we get ready for outdoor living, the first thing we should focus on is how to have a strong and green lawn.

Dinner in the Backyard

Isn’t it crazy that the one area in our yard that can make the biggest impact is the one we ignore! What is it? It’s our lawn!

If you look at all of my photos from entertaining, the one consistent thing, year round, is our green lawn.

I can promise you it doesn’t happen automatically.

With a little knowledge and effort, our lawn looks green year round. (I should let you know we live in California and do have very mild winters.)

I am thrilled to partner today with The Home Depot and Scotts® Fertilizer. They are the best solution for product selection and green lawn maintenance.

Setting Up Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Living is My Favorite Way to Entertain

We love to entertain and this past year I have created many intimate dinner parties for our family on the grass in our backyard. Having a stronger and greener lawn is the perfect solution for backyard entertaining.

Entertaining in your Backyard

Twelve Reasons to Entertain on your Lawn

I know most people like to set the table for a party on their patio.

Not me.

I like to set the table right smack in the middle of my lawn.

In case you don’t believe me, check out these parties I have hosted in our backyard. All are on the grass.

There are twelve.

Just so you know, I didn’t include the ones I have held in the sand, right in the middle of the beach.

And of course, here is today’s dinner table.

In the middle of the lawn.

Outdoor Dining

If anyone needs to have a nice green lawn, it is me.

Which kind of makes me an expert.

The Dinner Party

Before I get into the specifics about my green lawn, I did want to share some close ups of the table I created.

Dinner on the Green Lawn

I love to set a casual table (in the middle of the yard) with a tablecloth, sterling silver, vintage crystal goblets, and vintage china.

I also wanted to mention that almost everything on this table was purchased at a vintage flea market. Which means it wasn’t expensive.

The centerpiece vase is an old wooden ice cream maker.

And my secret? The flowers are both fresh and faux.

Outdoor Living

Hosting a dinner in the middle of the yard is different. It is fun, unusual and a wonderful surprise for your guests.

Outdoor Dining

How Did I Get Such a Green Lawn?

The Home Depot and Scotts® are the Solution

The Home Depot and Scotts® are the one-stop shop/premier brand of choice when it comes to an easy way to achieve the perfect green lawn. The Scotts Turf Builder® Triple Action Fertilizer & UltraFeed™ Fertilizer are the simple two-bag solution that will provide an easy way to achieve a green lawn.

Scotts® products can be found at The Home Depot. In fact, Scotts® Turf Builder® Ultrafeed™ is only available at The Home Depot. Once you have chosen the right fertilizer for your type of grass, fertilizing your lawn is very simple.

Scott's One Stop Shopping

The 411 on Fertilizer

Ok, don’t laugh. But there are a few things you need to know about what it takes to have a beautiful lawn.

Since it’s likely most of us know very little about fertilizer, (and I didn’t used to either), let me answer a few questions and offer a very easy solution.

Listed below are Scotts® products that can be found at The Home Depot. Scotts Turf Builder® Triple Action Fertilizer & Scotts® Turf Builder® UltrafeedTM” Fertilizer is a simple, two application solution, for a stronger, well-fed, hearty green lawn.

(By the way, your location determines if you need a Yellow or Purple bag of Triple Action.) 

Triple Action South (purple bag)

  • When is the best time of the year to use it? Early spring, when grass and weeds are actively growing. Do not apply to dormant grass.
  • Can I use this on St. Augustine Grass? Use on St. Augustine (including Floratam), Carpetgrass, Centipede, and Zoysiagrass.
  • How often should I use this? Early Spring & Fall, and not more than twice a year.
  • What types of weeds does this kill? Kills weeds, including dollarweed, clover, oxalis, plantain, chickweed, and henbit. Check the label for a full list.
  • How to apply: Tips critical to success: Fill and set spreader according to spreader settings on the label. Apply to a dry lawn and water in immediately after application, but not to the point of water run-off. Apply early spring when grass and weeds are actively growing.

Triple Action North (yellow bag)

  • What types of weed does this kill?  Kills weeds like dandelion and clover, prevent future weeds, including crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Check the label for a full list of weeds.
  • What’s the best type of grass seed to use on? Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Centipedegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, and Fine Fescue
  • When to use? Apply in spring when daytime temperatures are consistently between 60F and 80F and before the 3rd or 4th mowing. Do not apply to newly seeded or sodded areas until after the 4th mowing. Apply the product when dandelions are actively growing. A fall application may be made to control fall-germinating winter weeds and cool-season perennial weeds such as dandelion and clover.
  • When should I apply grass seed after use? Do not seed, sod, rake, or aerate for 4 months after application. Wait 5 months before applying the product on newly sprigged areas.
  • How to apply? Critical to success: Apply when temperatures are between 60-80.  Do not apply if rain is expected in the next 24 hours. Apply to a wet lawn, and water after 24 hours.

Scotts® Turf Builder® UltrafeedTM”

  • When to Use? Timing: Apply 8 weeks after Triple Action South/North application for quick greening and extended feeding for a green lawn all season.
  • How often should I use it? Check your state’s regulations on nitrogen. If you live in a state that regulates nitrogen applications, apply only once in the spring or summer.
  • What’s the best grass type to use this on? Safe to apply on all grass, Water-in for fast results.

Just so you know, this Scotts® WIZZ Spreader works great for applying the fertilizer.

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Don’t forget, a beautiful backyard starts with a green lawn all season.

Outdoor Living and Dining

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Outdoor Living Starts with a Green Lawn

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Disclaimer: Subject to proper care; results may vary based on current condition of lawn.  Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action is for use on Southern Grasses, like St. Augustine (including Floratam), Carpet grass, Centipede grass, and Zoysia grass. Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action is for use on the following grasses: Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Centipedegrass, and Zoysiagrass.

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  1. Good Morning,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blogging.
    It’s a lovely way to start my day—
    The table settings in this post were simply ‘delicious.’

  2. Scott’s has a wonderful app called My Lawn. You down load your zip code, give a few answers about your lawn, and they will send you messages of when to fertilize, what fertilizer to use and even how many inches of water are needed according to the weather. We’ve been using it for two years now, it’s very cool!

  3. Thank you Leslie you must have read my mind I was just thinking about how to improve my lawn. Although there are times when I want to rip it out and just do DG or gravel like Patina Farm but I’m afraid the costs would be astronomical since I have a big lawn here in the San Fernando Valley Ca. I went ahead and downloaded the Scott’s My Lawn App. seems very helpful!

  4. I really hate when people start preaching in the comment section…yet I have to ask…what does this product use to kill weeds? Round up and similar killers are devastating to the environment and cause cancer in pets, people, and yes, Alzheimers. There are so many organic products available now. Sorry if I am wrong about Scotts, we have a service that uses organic. Sorry also to make noise. but sometimes has to be said.

  5. This blog post spoke to me!!! I am with you! The lawn is where it’s at!!! Whenever I have a party coming up I make everyone follow the dogs around with a bucket of water to make sure they don’t yellow the lawn…they all think I’m crazy until they miss a spot and see why we do it. It’s funny how people always notice my yard. We have bermunda grass and it’s like a golf course during party season!! Happy party season!!!

    1. Oh my gosh Paula, you are so funny! I love that you have a golf course to host parties on! Have a wonderful evening!

  6. Dear Jillian,
    I do have my concerns with Scott”s lawn products, I use I do try to use organic when possible. I haven’t researched Scott’s products yet but I did like the watering guide on the Scott’s App.

  7. I always get so many ideas from you. I don’t entertain as much anymore,but love to decorate our dinner table as if we were having guests. I love the green water bottles. I need them. 💚

    1. Thank you so much Barb, I very much appreciate your comment! I found the green bottles at a vintage flea market. I absolutely love the way they catch and reflect the light!

  8. Just curious. Do you leave the tall centerpiece on the table when you sit down to eat?
    Happy entertaining!

  9. Perfect time for me to receive this post, because we plan to work hard in our lawn to get it looking green and healthy. Thanks for this fabulous post

    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed this post Ivory! I love to entertain on my lawn so am always looking for ways to keep it green and healthy! Happy Friday to you!

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