Tips to Finding the Perfect Bedding for Your Home

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finding the perfect bedding

Finding the perfect bedding is not always a universal solution. Before you even start looking at bedding you need to understand what your needs are in your bedroom. I partnered with The Company Store to find the perfect bedding for two of our bedrooms. I needed to select products for our master bedroom in California and one of the bedrooms in our Waco Airbnb. So what’s the added bonus? The Company Store is having a 25% off sitewide Labor Day Sale with free shipping this weekend! Just use the code H19LDWKD.

The tricky part is that my needs for each bedroom were entirely different. In our master bedroom, I needed bedding that would finally address the need for my husband and me to somehow accommodate two different temperatures. (He is always cold and I am always hot!) In our fixer-upper Airbnb in Waco, I needed to find the bedding that could withstand heavy-duty laundering and bleaching. 

Finding the Perfect Bedding for a Bedroom in Our Waco Fixer Upper Airbnb our Home in California

bedroom bedding makeover

How much do I love this bedding? I love it so much that I think this bedding is staying in our home and not going to Waco. I know, I picked out the bedding for our Waco Fixer Upper home. But I love how this looks herein our home and I want to keep it at home!

When you are selecting bedding for what I call a heavily used bedroom (such as an Airbnb, vacation home, kids room, or any room where a dog sleeps on the bed) you need to select bedding that can handle a lot of washing.  The key is selecting layers of bedding and bedding that can be bleached. You may think white bedding doesn’t make sense but the solution is the exact opposite. White bedding can be washed and bleached and it will always look fresh and clean. 

finding bedding for your bedroom

I absolutely love how our guest bedroom looks with this new bedding from The Company Store. I selected sheets, a quilted bedspread, blanket, and pillows online. The first item I selected was the sheets. I know I wanted sheets that were 100% cotton as they would wear really well and feel great too. (Yes, I am totally a sheet snob.) I selected the  Company Cotton® Solid Sheet Set and the minute I opened the package I knew they were a great pick. The sheets are 300-thread count, 100% combed Company Cotton® and are exclusive to the Company Store. I love that crisp cool feeling when you climb in bed

Next, I chose the bed quilt. Essential for every bed, the Company Quilt is soft and lightweight—and what I call pure indulgence. It’s the perfect quilt for summer nights or to add weight and warmth on winter evenings. The matching shams look great too.

The painting is by yours truly. As a former artist. I still have completed paintings stored on our third floor and I always “shop my home” first. Art is easy to find in our home. I have a lot of it!

the company store

Did you know you should change your bed pillows every one to two years? I knew we needed new pillows so I selected the Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Pillows. I  selected two different types of these down alternative pillows. I ordered a soft/stomach sleeper pillow and a medium/back sleeper pillow. I knew these would work for my family of sleepers!

buying new pillows

I ordered two grey Cable Knit Blanket & Throws. A lightweight blanket is perfect year-round, especially in California. These are made out of Micro cotton which is lush, absorbent cotton. Finally, I added two throw pillows. I love the “relax” stitched on the pillows. These Summer Coastal “Relax” Pillow Covers (and pillows) are perfect for this room and work year-round in any bedroom. 

finding the perfect bedding for an airbnb

So will all of this gorgeous bedding stay in my home or head to Waco? I can’t decide! What do you think I should do?

Finding the Perfect Bedding for our Master Bedroom in California

finding the perfect bedding for a master bedroom

My husband Dave and I have been married for almost thirty-three years and there is one thing that we can’t agree on. It is the temperature! Dave is always cold and I am always hot. So I had to do something with our current bedding so that we weren’t pulling the covers on and off all night long!

finding bedding

For the last few years, we have had 100% linen bedding in our master bedroom. I like this bedding but it’s just not practical We have a duvet cover with a down comforter and it’s too hot about 350 days a year. The linen sheets are nice but I needed to go back to 100% cotton sheets. Cotton sheets just feel cool and feel better! So I packed up all of our old bedding, put it on the third floor, and placed my order for new bedding with The Company Store.

This is what I ordered.

buying bedding for your master bedroom

I ordered the same Company Cotton® Solid Sheet Set and the Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Pillows. I ordered the Putnam Matelassé Bedspread and shams (which come in 18 different colors) and the Creamsicle Gossamer Blanket / Throws. I love the color of the blanket so much and the 25% off Labor Day Sale applies to all products from The Company Store! 

finding bedding for your master bedroom

I finished the order with a Sun Bathers Embroidered Pillow Cover. Isn’t it adorable?

buying new bedding at the company store

I did want to mention my headboard. I made this last year out of an old vintage door. I think the entire project cost around $30. You can find my DIY instructions here.

how to make a headboard from a door

I hope this blog post has helped you with finding the perfect bedding. You need to find the right store to buy your bedding and The Company Store is the perfect solution. Don’t miss out on the 25% off Labor Day sale!

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  1. Thank you for the information. We are in need of mattresses right now. Any suggestions what would be good for guest and children’s rooms?

  2. The linens in the guest bedroom look so pretty and comfy. They look like the have been around for years. Not old, but just very soft and comfortable. Love the colors. Simple but elegant.

  3. you didnt mention the bed skirts, they come in all sizes. today i hemmed a king one shorter as they come in strange sizes. do you like bed skirts? i got the flat non ruffled ones as i dont like to see under the beds or the bed frame. also should they be like one inch from touching the floor. then i pinned them to the box springs with safety pins two-three per side. what do you do, do you always use bed skirts?

    also i find washing pillows if they get spots work well in the washing machine and then dry and let dry more in the sunshine outside. i always use pillow zipper covers, from walmart, do you use pillow zipper covers? also i find mattress pads are great but some are so fat they take forever to dry in the dryer. do you use mattress plastic or fabric covers that stay on permanently? joyce

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