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Styling the Entryway with Flea Market Items

Spending a week in Waco was fabulous. But coming home is always amazing. I had a few projects to tackle today and the first was to restyle my entryway. Of course, that meant I had to unload the flea market items from my car. Perhaps I should mention they have been there for over two weeks. Oh, my.

I was really excited to find a place for the small apothecary chest I bought at the flea market. I somehow forget that it weighed a gazillion pounds. Good thing I hadn’t unloaded the antique quilts yet. Because it is a lot easier to pull a quilt on your floor than lifting a heavy piece of furniture.

As I was pulling (I mean dragging!) the quilt all over my home I honestly had no idea where this piece was going to go. So somehow I decided to put it in the area closest to the door. Our entryway!

To be honest, every time I walked past the area next to our staircase I frowned. I just didn’t like how it looked. So I moved the theatre chairs a bit to the left and moved in the apothecary chest.

Next, I went hunting in our home for more items and grabbed the fabulous vintage green soda bottles from Curtis Creation.

Next, I grabbed the Botanical pillow covers from H&M Home. These are under $10 and you can find them here!

I have six old wooden corbels in our living room so I grabbed one of those too. Six seems a bit much in one room, right?

I love that the (sage) green has now made it into our front entryway.


The last step was to add some of my older flea market items that were already in this spot. The metal basket, wood tray, ballisters and wood window look great here.

And if you are wondering, the sign says “A year from now you will wish you had started today”.

That’s kind of my daily inspiration.

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