I love Advent calendars. I posted an MIY a few weeks ago but I realize it was a pretty involved project. This advent calendar took me less than two hours to make!

I made it out of an old wooden bottle crate that I bought at a flea market. I have seen these crates in red, green yellow and raw wood. The crates cost about $25 but you can buy a new Coca-cola one at Wayfair.

I bought a green one because I want to use it in our home throughout the year.


The first thing you need to do is measure the opening between the wooden slats. Try to find a box with a 2 1/2″ opening as the tins I used work really well.


Here is what you need:

  • wooden crate
  • three sheets of holiday themed scrapbook paper
  • metal tins
  • rubber stamps, #0 – 9
  • ink stamp pad
  • spray adhesive

I ordered the tins online from U-line. They are very inexpensive.2b1c5d0e-141c-48ca-b506-a182254f3b43

Make a pattern for the ends of the round tins and trace and cut out 24 circles. I used random amounts as I didn’t want anything to be symmetrical.d593ed37-4f50-4666-8a2d-8e29fdac742b-1401cd6df-42ae-4dc9-ac53-ae76d82f3139

I laid out all 24 circles and came up with a pattern that I liked. 23e4ea96-0dac-4194-b698-1979dbad0a12-1

Stamp the numbers 1 – 24 on the round cutouts of paper.


Next, you need to spray the back of each circle and then attach it to each lid. Spread out newspaper to protect everything and spray a small group with the adhesive. Be sure to replace the newspaper each time so that the cut circles don’t get sticky.


Attach to the tins by rubbing gently.


Place each tin in the crate. You can choose the treat to put in each tin!


Thanks to for the inspiration!

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3 thoughts on “TWENTY THURSDAYS DAY ‘TILL CHRISTMAS // MIY Advent Calendar

  1. I did something similar except I spray painted little boxes with chalk paint and glued a magnet to the back and attached them to a metal board framed in old wood. I love your idea. It has an elegance to it.

  2. Loved this so much I made two with my daughter and gifted one to my dear sister! Not having stamps on hand we used some stickers for the numbers instead. Thank you for the inspiration.

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