How to Remodel a Bathroom With Paint

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I am thrilled with the bathroom remodel we completed this week. It was a simple project but the improvement is dramatic. 

bathroom remodel

This post is sponsored by HGTV HOME® by Sherwin-Williams Simply Blissful Color Collection. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

Most of you remember I took a dream trip to the HGTV HOME® by Sherwin-Williams Simply Blissful Color Collection back in early December. It was a quick but memorable trip to Hilton Head and we toured the home with the very talented designer @bpatrickflynn. I was so impressed by how he incorporated the Sherwin-Williams Simply Blissful Color Collection into the remodel. Every room was gorgeous! 

hgtv dream home

I was so inspired by the home and I decided to do a little remodel with two of the paint colors from the Sherwin-Williams Simply Blissful Color Collection.

bathroom remodel ideas
I am thrilled with the bathroom remodel we completed this week. It was a simple project but the improvement is dramatic.

We all have a room in our home that we try to stay away from and ignore. I happen to have two! They are our third-floor attic and my boy’s jack-n-jill (or maybe it should be called “jack-n-jack”) bathroom. The attic is cluttered with all of my “out of season” home decor items and is not ready for a remodel. The boy’s bathroom was, well, in desperate need of some attention.

bath remodel

I hadn’t been in the boy’s bathroom for a while (this was not a coincidence) and as expected, I did not like what I found. There was a terrible leak in one of the walls, at least seventy-two old shampoo and body wash bottles in the shower, and painted walls that had yellowed a bit. Needless to say, the boy’s bathroom became my easy target for a remodel.

plumbing leak  

I wanted to choose two colors for the bathroom wall. I knew I couldn’t use the gorgeous Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, Romance, because it’s a peachy pink and my boys would have staged a riot. So how did I pick the colors?

I opened both doors of the bathroom and looked into the adjacent bedrooms. That easily let to my two choices of Finian Blue HGSW2384 and Fundamental White HGSW4001.

bathroom remodel on a budget

We got started right away on the prep which was a good thing. That is because the prep took forever. Our hundred year old plaster walls did not take well to the water leak and we ended up having to scrape away all of the old plaster and patch most of the wall. It took three coats! There is also more trim in this bathroom than any other room in our house and the sanding took a lot of time too. 

paint is the best bathroom remodel

I went to Loews and picked up my paint and some great Purdy painting tools, including these items below.

purdy painting products

The minute we started rolling on the Finian Blue paint, I knew I had picked the right colors. I love how the blue pulls the eye up to the ceiling in this small bathroom.

sherwin williams simply blissful color collection

I cannot believe how awesome the colors look in the bathroom remodel. I absolutely love it. Fundamental White is a great white. It’s crisp and bright and it has made this very old bathroom look new again! 

Bathroom Remodel for Cheap

I even added one of my abstract paintings! Fortunately, the boys gave it a thumbs up.

Bathroom remodel Bathroom Remodel Under $200

I cannot believe what a difference new paint has made in the boy’s bathroom. We spent less than $200 and the change is dramatic. I am so happy we did this bathroom remodel!

Easy bathroom remodel

Be sure to head on over to the Sherwin-Williams Simply Blissful Color Collection to find the perfect colors for your next painting project. 

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