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Since my husband was going to be out of town for four days I decided to tackle two renovation projects: the back porch and our bedroom remodel. I know it sounds crazy, but my husband travels without me about once a year. So this was my only chance to get these big projects done!



I had been planning this for a month or so. There were quite a few items being stored in our living room … the rug, two end tables, two lamps, a large bench and the two chandeliers I hung on the back porch. The fact my husband only saw two boxes arrive tells you how rarely he goes into our living room. And, of course, it also shows how good I am at hiding deliveries from him! (I am sure none of you have ever tried to hide deliveries from your spouse …)

The “before” photos of our master bedroom make it very obvious why we needed a remodel. I think it had been about 10+ years since we had done anything to our bedroom so we were due for a big “soft goods” remodel.



The bedroom was decorated in warm tones (I like cool tones) and had been completely neglected.

The worst thing about the room was the marble around the fireplace. I did pick it out, but I wasn’t home when it was installed. When I came home and saw it, I cried. (It actually looked a lot more orange in real life.)



So the first thing I did was have the marble ripped out. Look how much better it looks!



I found some of the leftover marble we had used on the bathroom remodel so we started with that. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough of the marble tiles so I am ordering a coordinating marble for the front of the fireplace. I just love it!



While the fireplace was being redone I had the bedroom repainted. Check back later this week for the “selecting gray paint saga”.

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