How to Decorate Your Home with a Vintage Christmas Theme

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I created the most amazing vintage Christmas look with a Balsam Hill tree, Balsam Hill ornaments, four Balsam hill wreaths, and a Balsam Hill garland.

Vintage Christmas Balsam Hill

Can you guess which company has my favorite Christmas decor? It’s Balsam Hill for sure! They have so many amazing decor items. The quality is wonderful and they are always the first thing I reach for when it is time to decorate our home for Christmas.

I love a slightly vintage look for my Christmas decor. Today I am sharing five ways to get a perfect vintage Christmas feel.

This post is sponsored by Balsam Hill. And guess what! When you click to their site you will see that they are offering their Extra Early Black Friday Deals!

#1 – A Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Vintage Christmas at Night
I created the most amazing vintage Christmas look with a Balsam Hill tree, Balsam Hill ornaments, four Balsam hill wreaths, and a Balsam Hill garland.

It has always been our tradition to go together as a family to the tree lot and choose our tree. Our tree shopping has evolved over the years. We began by bundling children up and strapped into strollers. As the boys began to toddle, my husband and I tried to choose a tree while keeping track of three toddlers going in three different directions.

Once they were in elementary school, the boys loved to play hide and seek while we choose the tree which generally meant that they would play, my husband and I would pick out a tree and the boys exercised their veto power with gusto. When the boys were in high school, they would bring girlfriends with them and they would pretend to be interested in the tree selection, and when they went off to college, I was just happy to have them home for an evening to choose and decorate the tree.

We used to get one fresh tree for our living room. Easy peasy, one tree. And then, this miraculous thing happened. I discovered Instagram and began to see all of these beautiful trees decorated in beautiful homes. Trees in living rooms and family rooms and kitchens, and bedrooms.

I was so inspired! I wanted to have more than one tree in our home. And so, the artificial trees began to make their way to our house. Thanks to Balsam Hill. Their artificial trees are now absolutely gorgeous and I love that they are pre-lit!

Balsam Hill Frosted Tree

Take a look at this beauty. It is a 9 ft pre lit Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. It is the 9’ Red Spruce Slim tree with Candlelight Clear LED lights and I love this tree because it is slightly thin. I can tuck it into our entryway or in the corner of our family room. It can also sit at the edge of the fireplace on our covered porch, or in the window of the boys’ bedroom upstairs. Because it is relatively thin, it can fit in so many places. But because it is 9 ft tall, it is a gorgeous big tree.

Vintage Christmas Night Time

I love all of the Balsam Hill Christmas trees and greenery because they all look very realistic. And, they don’t drop needles!

Vintage Christmas Pre Lit 9 ft Christmas Tree

How amazing do these trees look together in the living room? I styled the 9 ft pre lit Christmas tree, a 4 ft Alpine Balsam Fir Tree that I like to use as a tabletop Christmas tree and a 6 ft pre lit Alpine Balsam Fir Tree together and I just love how festive the living room looks.

Balsm Hill Pre Lit 9 ft Christmas Tree

In case you are wondering, I made the pom pom tree skirt. You can find the DIY here.

One of the best things about artificial trees is that I can put them in the window and they don’t get baked to a crisp by the hot Southern California sun. No fire hazards in our house!

Balsam Hill Tree with Flocked

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There are two things I wanted to mention about Balsam Hill. They ship to Canada and you can learn more here. And thier Black Friday sale has already started.

#2 – Wreaths in the Windows

How pretty does this 28” Outdoor Red Berry Pine Wreath look framed by these pretty trees? Do you know that I hang wreaths in every window in our house? Is that crazy? Artificial wreaths make it possible!

Balsam Hill Vintage Christmas Decor

I love the pop of red in these red berry pine wreaths. How incredible do these salvaged windows that I have hanging on the wall look with wreaths in them? Let no window go unwreathed by me, even ones that hang on walls!

Balsam Hill Wreath

Can you see the Beaded Snowflake Ornaments on the tree on the right?

#3 – Garlands

Vintage Christmas Mantle

I used a 10” Outdoor Red Berry Pine (2-Pack) Garland on our mantle. It is 10 feet and fits perfectly across our mantle! The red berries in the garland really make the needlepoint stockings that I made for the boys pop with color!

#4 – Vintage Christmas Style Ornaments

A Balsam Hill Frosted Tree

You know that I am a vintage junkie. I love all things vintage and vintage-inspired. Balsam Hill has some absolutely gorgeous ornaments that I used to decorate these trees that are vintage-inspired. I mixed together their jumbo french country glass ornaments and nordic frost ornaments, with their antiqued snowflake ornaments and winter wishes rose gold snowflake ornaments to decorate the trees.

If you look closely, you can see the Winter Wishes Rose Gold Snowflake Ornament Set on the tree. Aren’t they gorgeous?

These ornaments look vintage but they are not. They are new and exquisite.

#5- Mixing Old and New

Balsam Hill Vintage Christmas Wreath

You know that I am a vintage junkie. I love all things vintage and vintage-inspired. Such a pretty vintage-inspired look. You can hardly tell the vintage-inspired from the truly vintage items in the living room!

In the photo above, the vintage grocery store counter is probably my favorite piece of furniture in our entire home. The flowers are in a vintage ice cream maker. The green and red books are old but I love them. The apothecary jars are new but I filled them with vintage ornaments. Of course, the lamp is new too.

I love how well vintage and new items work so well together. It’s my favorite way to decorate our home.

Vintage Christmas in the Evening

Isn’t this tree just magical? It’s perfect for a Vintage Christmas theme.

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How to Decorate Your Home with a Vintage Christmas Theme

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    1. Leslie,

      I love you taste! Everything is just perfect and beautiful!

      This is off the topic but what is the paint color in your living room on the walls ? If I may ask?
      I really like it.
      Thank you in advance

  1. Gorgeous tree, I especially love the tree skirt. I was thrilled to find your DIY instructions-I will definitely be making one!

  2. Sorry but,today, you’ve only written a commercial. I don’t care for this. Meaning no disrespect, I like seeing real diy and decorating, not the things you’ve received for free to use. I usually enjoy your blog.

    1. This is much more than a commercial! Leslie is sharing her beautiful home, and decorating / styling ideas. Most people reading this blog (like myself) are very interested in where she purchases the beautiful items featured in the photo’s!
      Christmas blessings to you. <3

  3. Beautiful. I have a question: how do you actually, physically hang your wreaths in every window? I see no ugly suction cup or anything else to help me figure it out. They look hung from the red ribbons but did you tack a nail into your window frame? Mine is outside so that wouldn’t work. Thanks for any advice on this.

  4. Love 💕 my Balsam Hill tree, have had for four years easy to set up and looks beautiful!! Really like the slimmer tree, may have to think about next year!

  5. Your home is beautiful and I appreciate you posting sources for us…speaking of that
    can you post where I may find slipcovers for my sofas. Looking for those like yours.
    Thank you for your help.


  6. Love this room and everything in it! Just enough Christmas but not to much.
    I would love to know the paint color of your walls please. It seems to change with the light. Love that!

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