How a Washer and Dryer Can Simplify Your Life

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OK. I am obsessed. And who would have thought I would be referring to my new laundry room and washer and dryer! But there is something pretty cool about my laundry room in the Waco Fixer Upper that I didn’t share in my previous blog post. See the pedestal underneath my new LG WM3900 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washing machine on the left?

It’s another washing machine! The LG SideKick™ Compatible pedestal washer allows you to wash two loads at one time.  Most pedestals just elevate your washer for easier loading/ unloading. The LG SideKick™ washes small loads that just can’t wait in the compact washer below, while I run a full load of laundry up top.

When I first revealed our Waco Fixer Upper laundry room, I mentioned I was nervous that we would have tons of laundry to do with two baths, three bedrooms, and five beds. Our home is going to be a short term rental and the turnaround is going to involve many loads of laundry. With the LG SideKick™ Compatible pedestal washer, we can wash small loads (such as kitchen towels) at the same time as washing sheets and towels in the front load washer. At one point I considered getting two washer and dryers, but this is a much simpler solution!

Our new LG WM3900 4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer is the next evolution of cleaning technology. Sometimes I think it is smarter than I am! It has unique product features which allow me to be at the cutting edge technology and clean with confidence. With TurboWash™360°, I can power clean big loads in under 30 minutes. The Smart ThinQ app alerts my phone to let me know when the latest load of laundry is done. I can’t even tell you how much time I used to waste because I forgot had clothes in the washing machine!

Plus, my new washer has some additional features that have already simplified my laundry days. This LG Front Load Washer has TurboWash™360°, Allergiene™ Cycle / AAFA Certified, and Steam Technology.

With all the laundry that we will be doing in our short term rental, we are also looking for ways to save energy and our budget. Our new washing machine includes a ColdWash™ Option that cleans like warm, saves like cold. Saving energy doesn’t have to mean compromising on cleaning with the ColdWash™ option.  It’s ideal for cleaning all types of clothes—even those you normally wash in warm water. This feature can be used with almost any wash cycle and virtually all fabric types.

If you are looking for a new washer and dryer, you can find where to buy here.  Be sure to take advantage of the Memorial Day Sales (ends 6.5!) to get your Ultimate Laundry Room for a great price and begin power cleaning big loads in under 30 minutes.*  (*see for more details)

I am thrilled that our laundry room not only looks great but it works even better. We found a way to simplify the hectic life of a short term rental owner and ensure the cleanest home ever.



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  1. Love this feature wish it was available Five years ago when we built our home.

    Our Whirlpool has tons of great features but this would have been a gamechanger.

    I’m still lovin8your floor. Great prints to too. I have some of these images.


  2. We’ve had a (very) similar LG washer and dryer for 3 yrs now, ours is without the stand and the tiny washer underneath but we’ve been having trouble without dryer’s sensor lately. It doesn’t dry through the cycle resulting in repeated dry cycles, which, if you ask me, does not merit energy efficiency. Unfortunately it’s gone over it’s warranty and we’re shopping for a new dryer right now. The washer works great, though, and the steam cycle in the dryer is so handy.

    1. Have you made sure the lint trap is empty? Clogged, it can prevent drying. Using those dryer sheets can be the culprit, avoid like the plague! Dryer balls (wool or whiffle like – but the latter are noisy) do the same thing without ruining your dryer! Good luck!

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