Valentine Paper Placemats (or Platemats?)

I am always looking for new ways to dress up a table. Today I created Valentine Paper Placemats that should be called a Paper Platemat!

Valentine Paper Placemat

As you can see, I made a heart cutout that goes underneath the plate. It’s not really a paper placemat. Rather, it is a paper platemat. Right?

Valentine Paper Placemats

Valentine Paper Placemat

I created something new.

It’s called a Platemat. And that is not a typo.

A few months ago I was setting a table for my blog and I had an idea.

What if I made a placemat that actually went between the plate and the charger?

Something that would add some fun to a table and which I could make easily. I immediately knew I could make something on my Cricut. And then it came to me.

I wanted to make a cut out that was seasonal. which meant, of course, that I would have to make a different set every month!

I am not one who takes the easy path. Ever.

And here is the one for February.

(I know I forgot to share the one I made for January. But have no fear, I already have that one designed and will share it soon.)

Valentine Paper Placemat

A Paper Placemat That Needed a Name

I first called this a “placemat thingy” but knew I needed something better. So I went to a thesaurus and … well … unfortunately I had no luck.

Finally, I came up with the Platemat.

I love it.

From hereon, this placemat thingy will always be called a Platemat.

Made by yours truly.

So what do you think?

Can I just say that I love it?

Valentine Table Decorations

Just so you know, I teamed up with my favorite bloggers and today we are all sharing a Valentine Days craft. Scroll to the bottom to see!

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How to Make a Platemat

The first thing you need to do is go into the Cricut Design Space program and upload my Valentine Heart Platemat pattern. You can find the Valentine’s Day Heart Platemat design here.

I used pink cardstock to cut the platemat. You will need 12″ x 12″ cardstock as the platemat measures 11.5″. Get as many sheets as you need, plus a few extra. Just in case you need to practice on one.

Valentine Paper Placemat on the Cricut

Place the cardstock on a cutting mat and put it in your machine. Set the cut to medium-weight card stock and press and go. The platemats cut very easily and look amazing. I want to make them out of cardstock foil too!

Don’t you think that would look incredible?

Valentine Paper Placemat

I made eight of them just to make sure I would have enough.

If you would like to use my template to make this heart template with a Cricut machine, click here. If that doesn’t work, you can download the photo below and turn it into an SVG. I couldn’t figure out how to make my own SVG so if you can do it and send it to me, that would be awesome.

Valentine Paper Placemat

These platemats work with any sized plate. But a smaller plate shows more detail of the hearts on the platemat.

Valentine Paper Placemat

You also don’t need to use a charger. Of course, if you don’t then I guess my platemat should be called a placemat.


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Valentine Paper Placemats (or Platemats)

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  1. What a darling idea but I don’t have a Cricut machine either.
    Perhaps the design could be cut out like the old paper-fold snowflakes we used to do as a kid?

  2. Would it be possible for you to share the SVG file? I have a Silhouette and I would love to make it. Beautiful! I already have 24 red chargers 🙂

  3. Love your idea of the beautiful red plate with pink hearts all over it…. Such a great idea &
    really makes your table for Valentine`s Day look very festive.

  4. Thank you Leslie for replying to me and for suggesting I recalibrate my machine.
    I had to do it twice but it worked. I was able to customize the project to get it to appear on the canvas. Then I was able to attach the hearts to the circle.
    Cut 4 of the platemats beautifully. Plan to cut a few more.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful craft.
    But thank you most for your response.

  5. Leslie, I just tried to cut out the adorable platemat and it did not work, it looks nothing like yours. I am not sure how yours was so adorable and the link from your blog isn’t the same,
    not even close.
    I am very disappointed. Could you revise and send again??


  6. Thanks for posting the simpler picture of the heartmat. I was able to convert it to an SVG file by using a free SVG converter. Just search for that on Google. I always use the second one that pops up on a search called Online Convert . You upload the file that is saved on your computer and the program converts it. Then you save it to your files. I was able to open up a new design in Silhouette and then drag the SVG file over to make the platemat. It works really well. Hope that helps! I would send you the file but this post doesn’t take attachments. I cut one out and it is so cute! Thanks so much!!

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