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I loved remodeling our home in Waco, Texas. It was the most amazing project and now you can stay at our Airbnb Waco Fixer Upper!

I poured my heart and soul into the remodel of our home in Waco, Texas and I am so proud of how our home looks now. Take a tour and check out the finished product!

the waco airbnb front exterior

I am so in love with our finished 100 year old home in Waco, Texas. We bought a small two-bedroom, one bath home on half an acre and remodeled it to a three-bedroom, two-bath home. Today I am going to take you on a tour of our Waco Airbnb fixer upper and I can’t wait to show every room to you.

Tour Our Waco Fixer Upper Home

I get asked all of the time if Chip and Joanna Gaines remodeled our home. Sadly, they did not.

Actually, I wanted to do remodel our house myself. I never applied for the show, which probably would have been a fun thing to do. So I took on a huge project myself. I certainly had bumps along the way but I love how it came out.

We remodeled this home to share with all of you as an Airbnb. For rental information, click here.

Click on the link if you would like to see some of the BEFORE photos of our Waco Fixer Upper Upper Home.

One thing I haven’t shared is the General Store Register that sits just inside our front door. I found this amazing vintage piece at the Round Top Antiques Fair. Years ago, this was used by a storekeeper to keep tabs for all of their customers. You can see some of the original receipts on the left side of the register. On the right are the comment cards that our guests fill out after their stay.

Waco Airbnb Fixer Upper guest register

I also wanted to share the new vintage sign we had made for our porch. This is the place where we hope our guests will take a photo and tag me on their Instagram! The sign is from Walls of Wisdom.

the waco fixer upper welcome sign

I thought you might enjoy this video which shares what our home looked like when we bought it. I almost forget how bad it looked when we bought it!

Front Exterior 

We did a lot to the exterior of our home. We added an entire wrap around porch to the home and added a new roof. And when I say we added a new roof, we took off the old one and added an entirely new roof. We also added a new fence across the front and a parking area on the left-hand side.

the waco fixer upper front exterior 3

I partnered with Home Depot to finish the front of our home. You can find all of the details and resources that I used in the front yard and porch here

Open Living Area

The entire left side of our home represents the open living area. We have a living room, dining room and kitchen with an island. My goal for our home was to mix new decor with vintage pieces. I love how well this worked in our home and hope to encourage you to do the same. 

The ceilings and the floors are one original, except in the master bedroom. The master bedroom and bath were an addition but fortunately, I was able to find matching old wood that worked perfectly. 

The chandelier was made by yours truly. I teamed up with an electrician and hung the three chandelier lights from an old vintage ladder. 

the waco fixer upper open area 2

Living Room

the waco airbnb living room

The living room overlooks the side porch and a huge oak tree. It is a great area for reading, conversation, or watching TV. The furniture, lighting, and rug are from Overstock. Click here for details.

The coffee table trunk, armoire, side table, and decor pieces are all from the Round Top Vintage Antique show.

Dining Room

I am so in love with our dining room. The vintage pieces perfectly accent the new furniture.

The vintage railing above the french doors pulls the door height up to match the height of the windows. It was a minor fix but I love that it works so well.

The dining table, chairs, and rug are from Overstock. You can find all of the product details and links here.

the waco airbnb dining room 2


You all know how much I love a kitchen with a big island. I found the island at Round Top. It was from an old general store. I took the thin dark wood top off and replaced it with a butcher block that was off the shelf at Home Depot in Waco. The backside of the island has huge pull-out bins which are great for storage. 

the waco fixer upper kitchen 4
the waco airbnb kitchen back door

Next week I will be sharing blog posts with all the details about our kitchen. All of the sources will be linked, I promise.

the waco fixer upper kitchen 6

Master Bedroom and Bath

This is the master bedroom and it is spacious and bright and cozy. I absolutely love it.

the waco airbnb master bedroom

The bed is from Overstock and the bedding is from The Company Store.

the waco airbnb master bedroom 2jpg

The master bath is huge. It has double sinks and a full walk-in double shower. The vanity is from The Findery which is one of my favorite stores in Waco. The mirrors are from Round Top.

Waco Fixer Upper home master bath

I purchased this vintage shelf and green glass pieces at Round Top last week. It stores our monogrammed linens perfectly.


 Front Bedroom

I think our front bedroom is a favorite of almost everyone. The entire room was furnished by Bed, Bath and Beyond (including the rug and chandelier).

the waco airbnb front bedroom

This room is so bright and cozy and the rug is just amazing! You can find all of the details and links from Bed, Bath and Beyond here.

the waco fixer upper front bedroom 3

Middle Bedroom

This bedroom used to be the “project” room because I didn’t think it looked finished. When I added the vintage railings and white chest last week and it really pulled the bedroom together. 

the waco fixer upper middle bedroom

These beds were on clearance at Soft Surroundings and had planned on painting them. I still might paint them, but we shall see. They look pretty good now.

The bedding is from The Company Store.

the waco fixer upper miiddle bedroom 2

Guest Bath

I designed this bathroom with its purpose in mind. As a Waco Airbnb, it is likely there will be many women getting ready in this bathroom at the same time. So I have two vanity areas, two mirrors, and great lighting. Also, the toilet and shower are in a separate area.

the waco airbnb guest bath

The vintage chest of drawers is also from The Findery.

the waco airbnb guest bathroom

Coffee Station

I love my morning coffee and I knew I needed a great coffee station, I repurposed a vintage crib mattress spring to hold the cups and I love it. And yes, that is an old mailbox holding the condiments for the coffee.

the waco airbnb coffee station

Laundry Room

Our laundry room in our Waco Fixer Upper Airbnb is nice that the laundry room we have back home. I love how it came out and all of the details can be found here.

the waco airbnb laundry room

Back and Side Exterior Photos

I know I have said it a million times, but our wrap-around porch is my absolute favorite part of our Waco Airbnb. 

The porch has dining and additional seating areas for ten. There is also a gas barbecue and cooking area.

the waco fixer upper side porch table
the waco airbnb back porch

The last time I was at our home I spent more time on the porch than in our home! It was simply amazing.

the waco fixer upper back porch 3

I hope you love our Waco Fixer Upper Airbnb home as much as I do. For rental information, click here.

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Tour the Remodel of Our Waco Fixer Upper Home

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  1. Leslie,
    Whoa!!!! I love everything. This is beautiful and all the antique pieces you found are just the right touch. It’s all put together perfectly!!!! Thanks for sharing and hope to see more from the Waco house.

    1. Thank you so much Jean! I can’t wait to get back to Waco. I haven’t been there in over a year. Soon I hope!

  2. Just log on here I love your renovations to this 100years house….I am from Australia. You did an amazing job.

  3. Your vision is truly amazing! I was chuckling as I watched you and your son walking through the home before renovations. You are one tough cookie to endure the horrible smell and not be discouraged! It’s beautiful and very inspiring! I am enjoying your blog and I hope my home can benefit from even just a few of your ideas. I love how you mix new and vintage items together, because they tell a story and add so much character!
    We are about to remodel our kitchen and it’s overwhelming! I wish we could hire you to help LOL

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