Dining Room Christmas Decor

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I am so excited to share how I styled our dining room with Christmas decor. I can’t believe our table is ready for Christmas dinner!

How I Decorated our Dining Room

Believe it or not, my dining room is set for Christmas dinner.

I am so excited with how this came out and I absolutely love it. I went with a silver, gold, and glitter theme and I think it looks perfect in our dining room.

Join Me For a Live Tour of Our Dining Room

Here is the live tour of my dining room!


These glitter trees are from Pottery Barn. I got them last year and I am obsessed with them. They are on sale at about half off!

Do you recognize my crystal snowflakes? I made them last week and I turned them into Crystal snowflake trees yesterday.

Dining Room Christmas Decor 17

I pulled out my favorite holiday china, Spode Gold Christmas Tree, and I think it looks so great at this table. I used some silver beaded chargers (that I have had for way too long) and some vintage gold rimmed glassware.

Dining Room Christmas Decor

To make the table really special, I set up the wooden centerpiece that I made last month. 

I made this myself and it is not hard to do. It’s the perfect way to upgrade your table and create ambiance, indoors or out!

The entire DIY and materials list for the wooden centerpiece is on the Home Depot Blog. I created this wooden centerpiece for the table I created on our back porch for a Nutcracker theme.

Dining Room Christmas Decor

I attached fairy lights and hung some of my handmade snowflakes to the top rope. I filled the wooden box at the bottom with lots of vintage ornaments and the gold and silver leaf pears DIY.

It’s been the most incredible weather these past few weeks. I know that a lot of you on the east coast are getting snow today and please know that I am so jealous! We have had a lot of sunny days which is great for photos but it would be nice to have some cooler weather in December, right?

Dining Room Christmas Decor

If you like my gold-rimmed vintage goblets, you might want to check out this link. I found very similar glasses on the Walmart website! It’s true. I cannot believe it but they are almost identical. I also found these water glasses at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I love them!

Dining Room Christmas Decor

“I get asked all of the time, “how do you come up with a decorating theme for a room”? I wish I had a system I used all of the time. I think it’s a lot more simple than that. I usually just “shop my house” and decide what I want to use, then I bring it into the room and play with it until I love it.

I am going to be a bit more intentional next year with my decor. I intend to start off with a bang in January with some changes and a very fun “winter decor” theme. I am very excited and cannot wait to share it with you. I am already starting with plans for the rooms in our home.

Dining Room Christmas Decor

It seems that I rarely take photos in this direction of our dining room. I usually have a hard time taking a photo into a mirror without me in it!

But this one actually worked!

Dining Room Christmas Decor

I love this view looking through the mirror.

Dining Room Christmas Decor

How do you like the decor in the center area of our dining room?

Isn’t it fun?

Dining Room Christmas Decor

The tree in the background is flocked and it is decorated with vintage crystals (from old chandeliers) but it’s hard to see the details. 

Dining Room Christmas Decor

I am so excited about Christmas dinner. This is going to be the perfect table and I love that our dining room is set and ready to go.

I hope this has inspired you. Set your table as early as you can so that you can spend more time with your family during the holiday preparations.

Dining Room Christmas Decor

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How to Set Your Christmas Dinner Table

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  1. Just Beautiful! Where did you purchase the silver trees on your table?
    Wishing you and yours a Beautiful Holiday Season!

  2. So happy I recently found your blog. Your ideas are ALWAYS imaginative, crafty and beautiful — love them all! Just wondering how and where you store all the decorations as they can take up lots of room. Any hints on storing would be helpful. Thank you

  3. I enjoy your post and you talent. It is all earlier morning eye candy for me while having my coffee. Did you make the crystal trees or purchased them? Purchased where? Created yourself how? Thank you dear lady.

  4. I enjoy your post and you talent. It is all earlier morning eye candy for me while having my coffee. Did you make the crystal trees or purchased them? Purchased where? Created yourself how? Thank you dear lady.

  5. Love all your beautiful creations Leslie! I have the same arched mirror, how are you hanging those silver ornaments in front of it? Merry Christmas and Walt says HI!

  6. Your eye for talent/beauty and creativity is spot on..absolutely stunning table and love the centerpiece..very unique..all your projects are so fun to look at and love your videos..happy holidays

    1. Jela,
      I didn’t make the trees. I bought them at Pottery Barn. But stay tuned, there may be a surprise coming your way.

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