Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021


What a year it has been. I learned a lot this year and today I am sharing my Ten Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021.

Sunday Morning Coffee

It is quite an eye-opening experience looking back at the year.

Looking Back at My blog Posts

I mentioned the other day how many blog posts I had written in 2021. It’s now up to 354.

Which is totally insane. I know.

But as I mentioned before, I love this job (yes, it is a job) and sharing ideas with you every day.

I did a bit of research (via Google Analytics) and discovered my Top Ten Blog Posts for the year.

And I was really surprised. I never would have thought these would be my Top Ten Posts for the year.

I was not even close.

Dining Room Decor

And here they are!

Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021

There were so many surprises on this list. I would only have guessed two of these! Oh well, that's why these results are based on your choices and not mine.

My First Sunday Morning Coffee – Jan 3, 2020

A year ago I wrote my first Sunday Morning Coffee blog post.

I was excited.

I wanted to share more about myself, my thoughts, where I had been, and where I wanted to go.

This is one of the paragraphs I wrote in that first post as I described how I hoped to progress through the year on my blog.

This year it’s all about home. It’s about making subtle and affordable changes in our homes and creating our own decor with inexpensive craft projects that look expensive. It’s about making subtle changes in our diets that make us feel better. And it’s about creating wonderful memories by entertaining at home in fun ways we never imagined.

To be honest, I never went back and reread this post to remind myself what I had written. Rather I just followed my heart and what I wanted to achieve and where I wanted to go.

Somehow I stayed right on track.

If you had told me then that this post would be the most popular post in 2021 I never would have believed you.


What you don’t know is I wrote that same post the same week I was going through one of the most difficult weeks of my life. My mom was ill and nearing the end of her life. She had struggled with Alzheimer’s for years and we had only been able to see her via zoom calls for the previous year (due to the pandemic). Since she was in hospice we were finally able to see her, and hold her, and talk with her with hopes that she knew who we were and how much we loved her.

My second Sunday Morning Coffee was a tribute to my mom and her life and was a lot more personal than anything I had ever written.

When I saw that this post made this list I cried even more tears for my mom.

Thank you.

Kitchen Paint Colors

I am going to continue to write weekly Sunday Morning Coffee posts in 2022. I might change the format a bit but I will continue to share things that I don’t regularly share on my blog.

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Were you as surprised as I was that these ten were my most popular?

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  1. Leslie,
    I want to say thank YOU! Thank you for bringing “sunshine” to what may be a gloomy day. Thank you for sharing your home, your ideas and the never ending inspiration. I am sincerely looking forward to what you will share in 2022! I wish a very happy & healthy New Year to you and your family.

  2. I want to start blogging, but I’ve never been able to step out of the boat. Maybe 2022 will be the year. You are so inspiring. I have enjoyed you and your post.

  3. Leslie thank you so much for following your creative passions and your heart. I have so longed to start a blog and your personality and your inspirations have pushed me over the line. 2022 is the time to begin….awww. I have so much to share and don’t know where to begin. Are you allowed to share what company you use for your blog? Thank you and again, your ease of sharing has gotten me where I am.

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