My Favorite Vintage Find … Ever

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53777657-4555-46f6-88c4-1374389e035fOh, my goodness. I bought a vintage piece of furniture last week that is my absolute favorite furniture purchase. And that’s pretty crazy because I have bought a lot of vintage things in the past thirty years.


65cea106-0467-4ad7-9ede-20936a432e4aWhen I was in Taipei a friend of mine sent me a photo of this general store counter and I fell in love with it instantly. That is, until she mentioned the price. It was WAY over my budget and there was no way I could spend that amount on an old chippy piece of furniture. But … I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I reached out to all of my friends that sell chippy furniture and I asked first if they had anything like this. I also asked what a reasonable price would be for the counter. Unfortunately, no one had anything like this. But I did get a much clearer understanding of the price range, which was definitely in my budget.

4f7e16ef-f2f1-4eb1-b397-a06d4eb10390So when I returned home I presented the buyer with all of my research and we started to negotiate. Fortunately, the gentleman was really nice and he finally met my price. And he even delivered the cabinet to my house for no additional charge!


So what do you think?

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  1. Its beautiful! ! I would be so thrilled to find something like this also..actually, my dream kitchen would be “found”pieces such as this -used to hold my kichen stuff-n no kitchen cabinets! ! I haven’t convinced my husband still have cabinets…sad!!!!

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