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For some reason as soon as Halloween arrives, we all start thinking about Christmas. I know I am furiously thinking about Christmas decor right now. I mean, how great would it be to have my house all decorated the day after Thanksgiving!

One of the biggest challenges during the holiday season are hostess gifts. I always have the intention of giving a really thoughtful hostess gift but it never quite seems to happen. I am usually running down the stairs, buttoning my blouse and trying to put my shoes on and yelling at my husband to grab a bottle of wine. But this year it’s going to be different. I am going to order my hostess gifts this week.


These black and white coasters are from Shutterfly. I ordered them years ago and I just love them. I went on their website today and was so happy to see they have so many adorable options for coasters. They even have a new vintage design.

And no, this is not an ad and it is not an affiliate post. It’s just me, sharing a really cool idea for hostess (or even teachers) gifts.  That’s all.


Here are some of the coasters I ordered for Christmas one year. I ordered sets of all of the cousins in our family and gave each of my brothers and sisters and parents a set.

9EF9C910-4C78-4D2F-BC8D-80BE13EAE99FI made a list of the recurring parties that I know we will be going to this year as well as any other events I might need a gift. Then I went to the Instagram account of the recipient and copied four photos that I knew would look great on the coasters. Then I uploaded them online to Shutterfly and used the discount code SPOOKY or LUCKYME for a 40% discount. Normal cost is $19.99 so the discounted cost was only $11.99. How great is that? The discount expires on Wednesday, November 1st.

Order them today and just think how prepared you will be for the holidays!


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  1. Hey, you’re missing the other family in your photo! Perhaps it has something to do with the ‘kini? I love mine and it was a great use of past Christmas cards!!!

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