Creating Flower Arrangements with Flowers from Trader Joes

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Now that I have a new flower arranging room I am so motivated to arrange flowers! Today I am sharing how I arranged Trader Joes flowers.

It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s has great prices on flowers. But what you may not know is that you can create beautiful arrangements with those flowers using just a few simple techniques. Keep reading for tips on how to make your own floral masterpieces!


I am so excited about my new flower arranging room! To christen the room, I thought it might be fun to share how I arrange flowers found at your local grocery store. I went to my local Trader Joes this week and checked out their flower inventory.

Whenever I go to Trader Joes for flowers, it is always a bit of a surprise to see what they have on hand that day. I had hoped to find an assortment of hydrangeas or white flowers, but they did not have anything that I originally had in mind. If you want to know how some fun ways to arrange hydrangeas you can go here and here.


Since it was the first week in November I decided to create fall arrangements. My budget was $15 for two arrangements. Here is what I ended up buying.


Whenever I buy flowers I bring them home and immediately put them in fresh cold water.


Then I remove all of the plastic and rubber bands and clip the ends of all of the stems. This allows for fresh water to travel up the stem. Next, I picked a vase. I have a pretty large inventory in our basement but I chose to use a recently purchased antique jar I picked up at my friend’s warehouse @vintagejunktionla.

The first step to arranging flowers is adding the greenery to the vase. I just love silver dollar eucalyptus.


Then I started adding the filler flowers which are some of my favorite Trader Joes flowers..


Next came the sunflowers.


I added a few shorter branches of eucalyptus and found a great spot for the vase in my kitchen. I love this quick arrangement I made with Trader Joes flowers.


Can you believe that I still had enough flowers left for another arrangement!

With the leftover flowers, I arranged another vase using the same flowers and the small pumpkin vines. I used the exact same process as described above.


And the Trader Joes flower arrangement looks great on our family room table.


Every few days I change the water in the vase to extend the life of the flowers.

Next time you are at your local grocery store pick up a few bunches of fresh flowers. There is nothing better than having fresh flower arrangements in your home!

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  1. The flowers will make the house more fresh. I like your home decor, it’s very delicate and light in tone with my house right now. I got a lot of ideas while reading your posts.

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