My First Hand Experience at Target with Magnolia Hearth & Hand



Chip and Joanna Gaines are at it again. Yesterday Target Stores officially opened their new Hearth & Hand Magnolia “store within a store”. I won’t mention who, but someone I know has been peeking inside the plastic surrounding the “store” they have been building at our local target store. I have been really excited to see the final “store within the store” so today I was at Target shortly after it opened.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I have bought a lot of my Christmas decor and I certainly don’t need any coffee mugs or placemats. I have enough Rae Dunn to last me a lifetime. I also had spent quite a bit of time looking at the merchandise online as it has been on the Target website for almost a month. I noticed to primary color palettes which were black and white and green and black. Neither one of those really meets what I am looking for so I expected to come home empty-handed.

Wrong. I know you aren’t surprised.

I first need to mention that I stopped by the dollar spot section and I noticed everything had been restocked! In fact, they had a lot of the little white houses and everything I had been looking for. So far, my trip to Target was a success. 3B961140-68D0-4C73-BF47-57733D59A23A

My next stop was the Hearth & Home section. There were quite a few people visiting the Magnolia store so I decided not to take too many photos. But I immediately liked what I saw. Here is a rendering of what the store looks like.


This adorable flower cart was waiting just outside the “store within a store” so I asked the gal who was attending it how much the flowers cost. Her response was “Oh they are free. You can take three.”


Seriously?  My first experience at the Hearth & Hand Store is they offer me free stuff? That’s cool. Of course, it took me a while to decide between the peonies and eucalyptus but I finally chose the eucalyptus. (All of the flowers were faux so I am excited they will last forever.)

6E5163C4-6D30-43A0-A510-2D6693DC3D98I entered the Hearth & Home and took a quick look around. I love the way it was set up with a table in the middle and shelves along the sides. There was a lot of merchandise and I was tempted with a lot of things.


After shopping and seeing all of the nice merchandise,  here is what I put in my cart (in addition to the three free eucalyptus stems!).

There was one item I didn’t buy was my favorite item. It’s the little dollhouse. Maybe someday I will have a granddaughter and a reason to buy this. It’s just adorable.

As I was leaving Hearth & Hand, the same nice salesperson (who offered me the free flowers) handed me a magnolia branded “buy one get one free coupon to Starbucks”. More free stuff.


You can head to your local target store or buy these items online. I was really surprised to see that a few of the items were out of stock online. Holy smokes. And of course, there will be new merchandise added to the collection with each new season. Another successful idea from Chip and Joanna.

Of course, I am not the least bit surprised.

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    1. Christmas decorating is the best! A favorite holiday to make so special with decor 🥰 thanks for being here!

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