Decorating for the Winter Season


It is time to decorate our home for the winter season. I have finally returned from our European vacation and I need to rid our house of Christmas decor! One of my goals this year is to explain my thought process and how I decorate. So many of you have asked how I make my decorating decisions. I am hoping this post will explain exactly how I do that.

One of my first tasks today was to redecorate my general store counter. The first step was to remove all of the Christmas decor.


Next, I went through our home looking for items more suited for “winter”. (I put “winter” in quotes because we don’t really have winter in Southern California. We may be experiencing a winter storm today, with up to 18 inches of snow in the local mountains. But it will be 80 degrees by this weekend …)

The items I chose to restyle this console are things I already owned. And all of them, except for the metal scales, were actually purchased at antique flea markets. So nothing was expensive. Just wonderfully vintage and unique.

Since the windows and light are so symmetrical I first added items that offered height but were unbalanced.

I started with a cheese mold with faux greenery.


Next, I added an architectural salvage wood piece.


On the opposite side, I added an antique corbel. I added only one item because I did not want symmetry.


Next, I added a metal scale that my father gave me last year.


I have decided to add some blue to my home for the winter. So I pulled some blue books from the bookshelves and added those to the countertop.


I then added another scale for some balance. (hahaha)


I wanted something light so I added a vintage ceramic pot.

And I finished it off with some of my favorite flea market clocks.

The last thing I did was move the books to the left. The white scale was too centered originally and it just didn’t look right.

I am really happy with the end result.

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  1. I am always arranging things to suit my mood. I approach it mi h the same as you. Always feel a sense of accomplishment when I step back and like what I see.

    Enjoyed your little tableau makeover.

  2. Thanks Karen! It used to take me hours to do this. It helps to have a lot of vintage items around the house to use. If I see something I like then I pick it up even if it doesn’t have a specific purpose.
    Happy styling!

  3. I live in a small lakefront cottage in Alberta , Canada but still enjoy all of your posts . Sometimes I think I would like to turn it into a rustic farmhouse with shiplap , paint the kitchen a mint green like yours , have an island like yours with a wood block etc . You really inspire me and I think I’m so lucky to have found you through Home Bunch . You have the most beautiful home ! Thank-you for sharing it with us !

  4. Leslie,

    Love the new table setup! What is the object that you had the Christmas ornaments in before you de-Christmased?

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