Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

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There was one last room on our first floor that needed winter home decor. So I decided to refresh our craft room and get organized.

Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

Adding winter home decor in the craft room is so important. Why? Because it forces me to organize my craft room!

Winter Home Decor

Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

There is no doubt that this is the hardest room to keep organized in our home.


Because it is what I call “a dumping room”.

It’s located just off of the mudroom area and family room/kitchen. So whenever there is something that needs a temporary home, it ends up here. And sadly, there is a lot of stuff in our home looking for a temporary home.

Before I could even think about adding winter home decor, I had to spend a few hours organizing and putting things in a more permanent home. (Remember the craft storage room I have on the third floor? That is where most everything has found a new home.)

Craft Storage

Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

There are two things that you must have in a craft room.

They are lots of craft storage and a working area for your craft projects.

The built-in cabinet seen above has been a great solution for storing a lot of my craft items. It’s actually a replica of a bookcase that used to be there with cupboards added at the bottom.

I found the white cabinet at a flea market. Apparently, it’s a vintage automotive cabinet. It must be for parts or something.

I added labels on the front of the drawers and I store small items like tape, pens, fasteners, trim, sewing items, paper, stamps, etc.

The ribbon wrack is my absolute favorite. I bought it at Antique Farmhouse but they are out of stock so I listed some similar ideas below.

Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

I wrote a blog post with tips for craft room storage here. There is a great before photo of this room. You won’t believe what it used to look like!

Fabric Storage

Fabric and Craft Storage

My new solution for fabric storage really is the best idea ever! I have seen this idea on Pinterest a few times and finally got around to trying it out.

As a visual person, I like to see everything (if at all possible). Often if I put something behind closed doors then I will forget about it.

Which explains why I have so much blue fabric.

To wrap my fabric, all I did was measure my shelves to determine the size of the cardboard I needed. I ended up getting 50 sheets of 9″ x 12″ (see below) cardboard and then carefully folded the fabric and wrapped it around the cardboard. I secured the ends of the fabric to the cardboard with two straight pins.

Just so you know … I do have many more of these fabric boards wrapped in lots of fun spring colors too! But they aren’t ready to be displayed!

Wrong color of course. Hehe.

Adding Winter Home Decor

Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

Most of you know that this month I have added winter home decor that is a palette of icy blue-ish and sage-ish green. (I added the “-ish” because not all of the colors are the right shade. But most of them are blue and green!) These amazing hydrangeas are everywhere in our home. I just love them.

The shelves were restyled and there is definitely some of our winter home decor color palette to be seen.

Craft and Fabric Storage

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Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

It is hard to believe, but I have never taken a photo from this angle. Until this week when I took pictures for this blog post. I absolutely love it.

Winter Home Decor in a Working Craft Room

As I mentioned, other than storage space, every craft room needs a work table. I found this table at the Rose Bowl flea market. It needed a little bit of work but I love it. You can see the makeover of this table here.

Because this is a “working” craft room, it never looks like it’s magazine ready. But why would I want that? You know how much I love to craft!

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You Might Also Need…

I get asked all of the time about the rug in the craft room. It is currently unavailable, but here is the link for it. Check often and hopefully, it will be back in stock soon!

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Winter Home Decor in the Craft Room

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    1. I was curious about the silver vase as well. I did an internet search and found that the paintbrush holder/vase came out around 2010 and is “Brush Vase” by Harry Allen.

      I did find one site that has the vase (most are sold out), it is white, not chrome.

      At one time Amazon even carried this pretty vase in both chrome and white, both are not currently available.

      I am a curious sort and spent over four decades in the Army working as an analyst, sometimes I can’t help myself. I hope this helps.

  1. Hi Leslie!
    You amaze me with all your beautiful creations.
    I’m in the middle of creating a sewing/craft room for myself. One project I enjoy is making quilts. Over the last two years I researched how to manage my fabric stash. I learned to use the comic book boards. They are nice and thin with no chemicals in them to damage the fabrics. The other thing I learned (this actually happened to me) was to use the plastic alligator clips to secure the fabric around the boards instead of pins. The pins rusted in my fabric and we’re difficult to remove leaving rust holes. 😢. I purchased the boards and clips on Amazon for a very affordable price. Hope this information helps.
    I LOVE your home and so appreciate your sharing. Please take care. ♥️

  2. Any chance that American Farmhouse will restock the ribbon holder? Can you share their direct link? I would love to have that rack.

  3. I prefer seeing a craft/sewing room that looks like it is used and enjoyed which yours looks inviting to play in rather than a magazine worthy picture. Good ideas for storage.

  4. I love the silver paint brush vase! Where did you find it, if you don’t mind me asking. Your craft room turned out to be gorgeous and efficient!

  5. 👋Leslie
    Have always wanted a craft room all to myself. I did have my sewing room in the first house we purchased, but as moves happened and children came, there was never room for that by itself. Now I am pondering the idea of turning one of the spare bedrooms into my own sewing and craft room. I love the new fabric you have for the pillows on your sofa, is this the picture of the fabric on the blog (the one with blue flowers)?

  6. Do you have recommendations for faux greenery? I just finished a kitchen remodel and need some color on top of my cabinets. I have about 2.5 feet from top of crown of cabinets to bottom of ceiling crown.

  7. Such a pretty room – you must have so much fun working in there! Love your shelf re-do too. Looks like you have one of those acrylic writing boards on your wall. I’ve been thinking about one – how do you like yours?

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

  8. Love your style and craft room. I also have a very old dress form that my daughter loves to decorate with silk flowers and sometimes lights for each season . We used it for our Christmas tree this year, That was fun and now on it Valentines.
    Best Wishes,

  9. What an inspiring room. I love your mannequin. I would love to have one and dress it up with all of my favourite clothes that don’t fit me anymore.

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