The Back Porch Makeover – Part Two

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I believe (along with our favorite guy Chip Gaines) that all makeovers should begin with a demo-day. Unfortunately, this one began with a cleaning day.

outdoor fireplace 2c

This photo is an “after shot”. I cleaned all of the black fire marks on the brick. 

I searched everywhere for a good brick cleaner and this one was recommended to me. It didn’t take too much scrubbing and it actually worked!  Can you notice the difference?

fireplace cleaner 2a.JPG

fire place 2.JPG

You c an see how dirty it was.

I also scrubbed the ceiling and posts (wow, what a difference!) and attacked a few (ok, a lot) of spider webs. It’s funny how quickly spider webs accumulate in an outdoor room.

outdoor patio 4

I took the drapes down and gave them a thorough cleaning. If you are thinking about putting up outdoor drapes you can save a fortune by making your own curtain rods. I bought these black metal rods at home depot for less than $20 each. I needed really long ones and just had them cut the pipe to the length I needed. I hung them with brackets. They were about 25% of the cost of purchasing extra long curtain rods.  I think they look great!

Now that the cleaning is done, it’s time to decorate!

This post is the second in a larger series… since I’m not done with the makeover, who knows how many there will be!

You can find part one here.

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  1. Love the curtain rods…cute & clever! What are the cap things on the end & would you mind sharing where you found those? I would love to do this on my patio. Thanks in advance for the info.

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