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One of the benefits of living in Southern California is that your outside dining area is likely to be a big part of your Fall Home Tour. Two of the best weather months for outdoor dining are September and October. Believe it or not, it was ninety-one degrees on Saturday.

When we staged the outdoor dining area for the Fall Home Tour I knew I wanted to do something really rustic. Since the only fresh plants I can seem to keep alive are succulents, I decided to go with a succulent theme!


The table started with four amazing chargers I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market from @thewarpedtable. These metal charges are so perfect for outdoors. Since I only had four of them I decided it was time to set a table for four, which is odd because I realized this is the first time I have featured a table for less than six! What a nice change.

Our first task was to clean the outdoor table. Summers can be rough in Pasadena as the Oak trees tend to drop a lot of sap in the heat. So a nice scrubbing with some everyday cleaner and a good sponge did the trick!

I decided to use my Pottery Barn chargers and Wedgewood Edme china to keep the table as casual as possible. The succulents were already potted and in my backyard. I also pulled out these adorable napkins from @kitchstudios that I purchased on Etsy. Aren’t they perfect?



I think my favorite idea on this table is the jelly jar water glasses with the cutlery set inside. It was one of those spontaneous decisions that just happened and I just love the look. I had the water bottles stored in my basement and they just polished off the table look.

The best part about this table is my father-in-law and his wife came to dinner last week and I served dinner at the table. I served butternut squash tacos and they were delicious. It was a perfect evening.

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  1. Beautiful! There’s a restaurant we enjoy that serves the food on rustic trays like that. I’d like to get some for us. The butternut squash tacos sound delish!

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