The Perfect Gift


B5C0CE1C-77E8-4FB2-9829-AEFC4FFE4E52Every once in a while a perfect gift comes along. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are big. But the key is they usually have a very special meaning. Often, the perfect gift is one that took thought. I have always made most of my gifts trying to create that perfect gift.


A few weeks ago I received a handmade gift that brought tears to my eyes.

B000DCA2-6520-47BA-8077-CFD270DF9167An artist friend of mine handmakes sculptured pottery. She hand throws and hand sculpts one of a kind pottery from fine porcelain clay. The vase she sent me was hand sculpted to show my one-hundred-year-old home. And it is absolutely stunning!

05819F1E-2869-431F-B178-5C8F9B7238CFThis truly is the most perfect gift! It’s handmade and it is beautiful.  Can you imagine receiving one of these featuring your home? It is so perfect for a wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift. I feel so blessed to have received this.

Gail Lundgren is such a talented porcelain artist. I hope you will head on over to her website and see how she creates these beautiful vases. You might even want to put it on your Christmas list.

This is truly one of the nicest and most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.


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