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bedroom decor ideas

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Summer is here and I decided it is time to add some summer decorating ideas into one of our bedrooms. I wanted to add more color to this bedroom and I used the painting as an inspiration for colors. I went to JOANN and was inspired by their Treasure Hunt collection and wonderful summer decor fabrics.

bedroom decorating ideas

This project was so much fun! I made some very fun trim pillows, added the ceramic houses to the end table, and the wicker basket between the beds.

summer pillows

summer pillow ideas

This basket that I found at JOANN is a perfect place to store an extra blanket.

bedroom decor ideas 2

I also made the yellow floral branches out of cardstock and I am thrilled with how they came out. The ceramic houses are a great decor accent.

bedroom summer decor ideas

I borrowed a bench from another bedroom and made a new cover so it would match in this bedroom. It took me less than an hour to make the cover.

bench cover diy

The wooden crates under the bench are also from JOANN and I am excited to have extra storage for my boys and guests.

bench fabric cover DIY

Summer Decorating Ideas – How to Make Trim Pillows

fringe and pompom pillows

I love pillows that are covered in fringe but the price tag for these is really high in the stores. I decided to make my own and I bought remnants of fabric and trim that was on sale at JOANN

I also found these pillow forms for my pillows. I love that they are a bit squishy and really comfortable.

pom pom pillows

The easiest way to make a pillow if to cut a front piece and two back pieces. You just need to make the back so that there is a flap that you can open to slide in the pillow form. To decorate the front, I sewed the trim and fabric remnants directly to the muslin front piece.

pom pom pillow diy pom pom fringe pillow diy

I added some pom poms by gluing them on the fabric with my hot glue gun.

pom pom pillow

Next, I put the right sides together and sewed them together to make a pillow form.

diy pom pom pillow

I absolutely love how they came out. And they are a great summer decorating idea. Aren’t these pillows so much fun?

fringe pillow diy

Summer Decorating Ideas – How to Make Paper Flower Branches

paper flower branches  

I purchased three pieces of card stock and some branches at JOANN. I found the pattern for the petal (and SVG file) on the website of Lia Griffith. (It’s actually a petal from a zinnia flower but I knew it would work.) What I love is that an SVG digital file is what tells my Cricut machine to cut out the flower. In about ten minutes, I uploaded and cut over 100 of these petals. 

paaper flower branches diy

I folded each petal down the center, added a dab of hot glue to the branch and held the petal for a few seconds until it was secure.

diy paper flower branches

Next, I randomly glued the petals to the branches.

diy paper branches paper flower branch

I can’t wait to make more of these flowering branches in an assortment of colors.

bedroom decor ideas 2

Summer Decorating Ideas – How to Make the Bench Cover

We had an old bench in one of the bedrooms that would perfectly in the nook in this bedroom. But it needed a facelift and a change of color.

cover a bench diy

I bought two yards of this fabric at JOANN. You might recognize it since I used it for the placemats I made last month. (Yes, I do love it!)

I cut a piece of fabric 4″ larger than the finished size of the bench cover. Next, I pinned a pleat in each corner to make the bench cover secure.

cover a bench with fabric diy cover a fabric bench diy

I used a pencil and drew a line where the fold met. Then I flipped the fabric and sewed a seam along the line.

cover a bench diy 2

Then I sewed a hem around the edge and that was it! I love that it slips on and off quite easily and ties in all of the colors in the room.

cover a bench diy 3

Don’t forget that you can completely change the look of a room with decor items from JOANN and a few DIY projects. I loved coming up with summer decorating ideas for this bedroom.

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  1. Oh how I love the pillows you made Leslie!! And your right, in the stores they would be quite expensive. Summer yellows always make a room look happy and inviting.

  2. How cute! You did a great job coming up with the colors, I really like your choices for the pillows and the branches are so complimentary. Well done.

  3. I love your pillows too! Buying fabric and cutting it right, scares the heck out of me! Haha! I also love the cover for the bench. I was thinking, you could have also perhaps ran some elastic around the bottom hem too. I wonder if that would’ve worked. Anyways..everything looks lovely. Your flowering branches could also be used or changed up for fall. Add some oranges and russets…Such good idea’s..Thankyou!

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