Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

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When it comes to gardening, a potting bench is a must-have. Today, I will be sharing five reasons why you need a potting bench in your life.

Potting benches have been around for centuries, and for good reason! They’re essential for anyone that loves gardening. Plus, potting benches are not only functional but good-looking, they can even become a stylish addition to your backyard landscape.

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Perhaps a potting bench is something that you haven’t given a lot of thought to. Or, maybe you have one and use it all of the time. I feel like there are definitely two camps on this subject.

Which camp are you in?

I am definitely in the camp that has a potting bench and I use mine all of the time! Today, I am sharing my top five reasons that you need a potting bench. Let me know if you have any reasons that I didn’t think of!

#1 – A Place to Keep Your Potting Mix

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

A potting bench is a great place to store potting mix, pots, and all of your gardening supplies. Potting benches have lots of storage space, so it’s easy to keep messy things like bags of potting mix and fertilizer together in one place. It is so helpful to have the potting mix and fertilizer in one place. When I start a potting project, everything is within a short reach.

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Speaking of potting mix, I started using Glee Potting Mix, which I love for three reasons. First, it is lightweight, each bag weighs less than eight pounds. Second, it is clean to work with and doesn’t create a muddy mess. Third, but maybe most importantly, my plants are thriving! I use Glee Potting Mix in both my pots and my raised beds and my plants are all growing like crazy.

Definitely give this new potting mix a try, it has been a game-changer in my garden. I’ve linked it below for you!

#2 – It’s a Place to Do Gardening Tasks Without Straining Your Back

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Having a potting bench gives you a work surface that is easy on your back. I don’t know about you, but after a day of gardening in my outdoor beds, my back is killing me. I love having a tall place to prep my plants, work out my garden plan, and of course, a place to plant pots.

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

It is so much easier to get all of my pots planted on the bench and then deliver them to their final destination on the patio, porch, or front steps. (And if you like the vintage “aged” look of my pots, be sure to read this blog post How to Make Vintage Garden Pots).

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#3 – A Place to Keep Your Gardening Tools Organized

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

One of my favorite things about my potting bench is that it helps me keep my gardening tools organized. One of the biggest challenges of gardening is keeping track of all your tools. A bench (especially with a drawer) can help solve that problem by providing a place for everything. I have my potting bench organized so that my trowel, gloves, and other essentials are within easy reach and they actually stay where they are supposed to be.

#4 – A Place to Accomplish Messy Tasks

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

Gardening and potting plants can be a messy job. The surface of a potting bench is easy to clean, making the messy jobs easier to clean up when you are done with your project. My bench has a stainless steel counter which cleans up in a snap! If the potting project was really messy, I simply hose it off!

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

#5 – It’s Versatile and Can be Used as an Outdoor Beverage or Buffet Table.

Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

You all are probably very aware of my propensity to use items for other than their intended purpose. Well, here we go again. A potting bench is a perfect surface (once cleaned) for a beverage station, appetizer station, or buffet. There are so many really good-looking potting benches now, they can pull double duty!

For tips on dining in your garden, try Hosting a Summer Garden Dinner Party and My Favorite Lemon Vodka Drinks.

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I have a potting bench that I absolutely love. Below are some of my favorite gardening tools and benches. With summer right around the corner, it is time to get out into the garden!

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Five Reasons You Need a Potting Bench

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  1. I have a potting bench that my husband Ray built for me ten years ago that I love. He copied one from the William Sonoma catalog. Thanks for the hint on the potting soil.

  2. My husband made my potting bench and I love it! He also drilled 2” holes in an area so I would easily sweep the spills into a black tub underneath that holds my reserve potting soil! We also use ours as a serving bar outside on our deck! Couldn’t do without it as an avid gardener! Thank you for the article!

  3. I was waiting for your #5 reason since I’ve used ours for beverages so many times. Mine has a removable plastic “sink” set into the counter that I use for ice. I sometimes line the upper narrow shelf with votive candles if I don’t need it for something else. My potting bench came from Target…long ago!

  4. Unfortunately, for those of us who live in the Northeast, a potting shed is not practical. The weather makes it impractical to keep tools, soil and other gardening items outside during the winter. In addition, the harsh winter weather will degrade a wooden structure much faster than in more temperate areas such as California and Texas.

  5. This is so inspiring! My potting bench is an old Rubbermaid thing that’s falling apart. I definitely need to upgrade!

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