How to Prepare for Your Christmas Party


Our Christmas party is a huge undertaking. And I love it. I love planning, creating a theme, cooking, and decorating. and now I am sharing my secret.

DF0CFAA6-8A4D-4483-937D-B3F016F51F04I have mentioned our annual Christmas party a few times. Our party is a big event, and it has grown in every aspect over the last thirty years. We invite all of our friends and family (and their children if they are friends with our children) and I cook all of the food. For about 250 people. And no, I am not a caterer.

I love to plan the party and decorate our home for the holidays. It’s the “cooking all of the food” part of our Christmas party that is the reason my friends think I am crazy. I know it’s a lot of work. It takes me a few weeks to prepare everything. But over the years I have created a very good menu of heavy hors-d’oeuvres and desserts.  In fact, most people say the food is excellent. I don’t change the menu much because anytime I delete something I hear about it from one of our guests!


So I know what you are thinking. What is on the party menu and will I publish the recipes? After considerable thought, I am going to share all of my recipes this year. Every single one. The only catch is you need to follow my blog if you want a copy. All you have to do is fill out the pop up box here with your email address and it’s done. On December 1st I will email a PDF file to everyone on the list with all of my recipes. It’s that simple.

So here is the menu for our Christmas Party:

H O R S  – D’ O E U V R E S

  • Spicy Grilled shrimp
  • Beef Tenderloin with rolls
  • Smoked Turkey with cranberry/orange muffins
  • Teriyaki Salmon Bites
  • Chicken lettuce wraps
  • BLT tomatoes
  • Skewered chicken with peanut sauce
  • Skewered flank steak with peanut sauce
  • Crab cakes with lemon dill sauce
  • BBQ Chicken Sliders
  • Ham and Swiss Sliders
  • Salads on a Stick – wedge, and Caprese
  • Sweet potato rounds with goat cheese
  • Phyllo with spinach dip
  • Whipped sweet potatoes in crusts with pecan topping
  • Crab quesadillas with salsa
  • Brie cups with pomegranates
  • Ahi Tuna and avocado on sesame wonton chips
  • Pesto stuffed mushrooms

D E S S E R T S 

  • Cran, toffee, and chocolate oatmeal cookies
  • Peanut butter fudge
  • Frosted sugar cookies
  • Coconut joy candy bars
  • Chocolate Mint Marvels
  • If you want a copy of all of these recipes, just sign up to follow my blog!

The only reason I can pull this off is that I have an excel spreadsheet that I have made that is color-coded and lists everything I need to cook, by each day, to pull off the party.


I guess I should also share what my Excel Spreadsheet looks like.


See? Now you think I am crazy too.

But the truth is, I love it. Ok, maybe that’s not 100% true. I love it most of the time.

And I am not crazy. I promise.  I  just love to entertain and our Christmas party is my favorite party of the year.

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  1. Do you ever sleep? I bet when you go to bed your head is spinning with more wonderful, fun ideas! I wish I had half your energy! Enjoy…oh, and I’m a dish whose-set too! LOL

    1. I do sleep but probably not as much as I should. Of course it’s 12:30am as I write this! Oops. I do have a lot of creative ideas. And I absolutely love being able to try a lot of them!

  2. You are a much braver woman that I am! I am tired just looking at your spreadsheet but can’t wait to see some of the recipes. Everything sounds delicious.

  3. Yes yes yes, it’s fun being crazy. They are my best friends and customers and they tend to be the most enthusiastic and appreciative people…just like you

  4. I’m in awe. We are hosting a similar but much smaller gathering this year and I’m having trouble figuring out what I can possibly do ahead so I’m not ‘crazy’ the day of the party. I can’t wait for your ideas and am going to study your spreadsheet carefully. Thank you!

    1. Wow. That sounds wonderful. And I think you are going to love these recipes. So many items can be made in advance which I love!

    1. It will be sent on December 1st to all my blog subscribers. I can’t wait to hear which recipes you like the most!

  5. Holy food Batman! That is quite a spread! I get it though – we host a Thanksgiving day open house that is a long-standing (22-ish years) tradition at our house. Mind you, it’s only around 40 people, not 250, but it’s still a lot of planning and prep. I don’t have a spreadsheet – but now I’m rethinking! I do the same group of appetizers each year as well and I hear about it if I change it up! Looking forward to incorporating a new recipe or two from your list though! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The spread sheet keeps me sane! I know that as long as I get everything done each day I will be fine by the time the party arrives. It keeps me calm!

  6. Any woman who does this year after year is my hero !! But what a way to be remembered ! You’re an awesome person and I’m happy to be among your followers .

  7. I follow your blog now by email. Will I automatically receive a PDF ? Looks amazing BTW. Can’t imagine how you do it !!

    1. Yes you will! I will send out the recipes via email to everyone on December 1st. It’s a lot of work but so worth it!

    1. Oh, I wish I could. But I have a lot of work to put the recipes together and I can’t get it done before then! So sorry.

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