Winter Decorating Ideas in the Living Room

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Today I am sharing winter decorating ideas for the living room. I added pink and some beautiful florals to create a light and airy space.

One of my favorite things to do in a room is to update for each season. Winter decorating ideas are always a little tricky because compared to the Christmas holidays, everything feels a little bare. Color is the antidote! Can you guess what color I added to the living room for winter?


In the last week, I shared how I “winterized” our dining room and our kitchen, so it was time to share some winter decorating ideas in the living room.

Our living room ended up with a pink theme.

Pink is a wonderful color to work with and I am actually laughing because I already had all of this pink decor. Apparently, I had a pink thing happening in our home a few years ago. I guess it is happening again!

I have teamed up with six other bloggers and we are all sharing our winter decor ideas. Their posts are listed at the bottom of this post.

I also have yet another DIY to share, so be sure to scroll down!

Valentine Decorating Ideas

I had to post this photo because I caught a glimpse of my 24/7 companion and thought you might like it. This is Sport.

Does your dog follow you around literally everywhere you go? Sport sure does!

Valentine Decorating Ideas

I added some winter decor to the top of my favorite piece of furniture in our entire home. I found the cranberry oil lamp many years ago at a flea market. The tall crystal tree is from Pottery Barn.

I bought the white amaryllis many years ago at Ikea. The two jars in front are filled with scrabble tiles I found at a flea market. I love to leave messages for my family with the scrabble letters. I call it “vintage texting”.

Valentine Decorating Ideas

The amazing diagonal stained glass windows are from the Long Beach flea market. I think I paid $25 for them (there are two) and they are my favorites.

The white french compote is from one of my favorite bloggers and online chops, Dreamy White Lifestyle.

Valentine Decorating Ideas with Winter Decor

The weather here is going to be crazy as today it is supposed to be 86 degrees. We do not live in Florida. We are in Southern California. That is crazy!

Valentine Decorating Ideas

The flowers on the side table are so gorgeous. One of my close friends sent them. I made the apples with pink metal leaf. You can find my DIY here.

I made this floral pillow and you can find the DIY here.

Valentine Decorating Ideas with Fresh Flowers
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Cozy Christmas Living Room

You might remember this photo that I took of this same spot in my living room for the holidays. I was obsessed with the way the light captured the green bottles.

So I went on a massive search for cranberry or pink bottles. Sadly, no luck They were all too expensive.

So guess what I did? I made my own.

Valentine Decorating with DIY Pink Bottles

I know. You aren’t surprised. But when I can’t find what I want, at a reasonable price, then I usually try to make it.

Colored Glass Bottles DIY

I love these bottles. They are very easy to make. I promise.

Painted Pink Bottles DIY

How to Make Colored Bottles

To make these glass bottles, all you need are some glass water bottles, one bottle of Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paint Thinner, and a bottle of Pebeo Vitrea 160 glossy glass paint.

How to Make Colored Bottles

It was important to thin the paint so that it was easy to pour into the glass bottles and swirl around. I opened the pink paint and added enough of the paint thinner (about 1/2 half of the jar) to achieve the color I wanted. My goal was a lighter pink color. If you want a darker color then use less paint thinner.

How to Make Colored Glass Bottles

Pour the paint into the bottle.

How to Make Colored Glass Bottles

Swirl the paint inside the bottle until everything is covered with paint. (If you need more, be sure to add more.) Flip the bottle upside down and support them upright in a container (that will collect all of the paint). Let the paint drain out of the bottle.

This is the tricky phase of the DIY. If you leave the bottles upside down for too long the paint may become too light. I kept flipping them back and forth and finally resigned to the fact they would be light.

Just make sure you end up with the bottles upside down to drain out the extra paint.

It turns out that I really do like exactly how they turned out..

How to Make Colored Glass Bottles

Here they are. Isn’t the pink a gorgeous color?

How to Make Colored Bottles

The bottles look great in front of these pretty pink flowers.

I love how our living room turned out. I am excited that our home is all set for winter. It feels cozy, comfortable, and will likely be a bit warm for today’s 86 degree weather. Hah!

Valentine Decorating Ideas

I wish we could entertain friends this season but that is likely not happening. We are just going to enjoy the winter decor in every room of our home instead.

Valentine Decorating Ideas

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Seven Winter Decor Ideas for Your Home

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  1. I love those touches of pink. I am definitely doing the bottles. Did you make the green bottles that you had out at Christmas, as well?

    1. No Miche, I bought the green bottles at a vintage flea market and they were the inspiration for making these pink ones!

  2. Love the pink touches especially your pillow with them. I use cranberry oil in my vintage oil lamps too. I keep mine on a corner of my mantle year round. Something about the three in random height appeal to me there. How is Sport and your new sweet kitty getting along?

    1. Thank you Kathy for reaching out. I am loving the pink and really had no idea how much pink I already had in the basement and attic 😊 Sport and Kelly have not met in person yet, only through the door. Letting Kelly get used to her new home before we introduce them!

  3. Boy I wish you lived in Columbus, Ohio! Live your style! I am the most uncraftiest person!! I know that’s not a word! Really would love to try the pink tissue paper flowers and pine cone trees if I get the nerve! You make it look so easy. I know you learned from your dear mom and that makes it so special. So glad I found your site! I am trying to be you in my country French home!!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Mary Beth! If you are not super crafty, then definitely start with the pink tissue paper flowers, you will feel like a craft super star!

  4. Hi
    I just found your site and can’t wait to read a every post.
    I am looking for a rug to go with my off white sofa and I love the one shown in your living room. Would you care to share the name of this rug? The picture of one shown in your store is not the same rug
    Thank you

  5. I want the fur stool I will make it. Great idea. I really like your style. Personable, pleasant yet not pretentious.

  6. Is it possible to share your livingroom wall color? It is beautiful. I am a new follower. Love your decor.

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