Twenty Thursdays Till Christmas // Gift Wrapping Ideas

6f3b35aa-797d-451f-91a4-b63887a0b9a7I have always put just as much importance in how a gift is wrapped as to what’s inside. Ok, wait, maybe that’s an overstatement. But I do care a lot about how I wrap my gifts. Because that “first impression” is very important. (Not to mention the fact if they are wrapped really nicely it’s hard for my kids to take a “sneak peek” before Christmas.)

This year I am going to go with a very traditional red and green theme. It may not sound very creative but after my “aqua Christmas” (failed) attempt last year, I am ready for very traditional Christmas decor.

So I found some wrapping supplies in my house (once again, why were these not all put away and labeled?) and had some fun wrapping gifts.


Here’s what I used to wrap my gifts

  • White and brown craft paper
  • Rubber stamps and ink pads
  • Fresh cuttings from my yard (holly, sage and eucalyptus)
  • Rolls of twine
  • Black and white photos of my boys (printed on my computer)

I started off printing black and white photos of my boys when they were younger (they are 26, 24 and 23 now). With the photos, there is no need for gift tags.


Next, I wrapped all of the gifts in brown and white craft paper.

I loved wrapping the gifts with my boy’s photos. (Let’s hope they don’t see these until Christmas!) I was laughing the entire time I was wrapping …


Then I wrapped gifts using rubber stamps instead of handwriting names.


I love, love, love these!

Look how fun the gifts are for our entire family!


And surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to wrap all of these.

What are you going to do for your gift wrapping this year?

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